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Sunday, September 22, 2013

In regards with the plagiarism fraud,

I have decided to hide the original post, (just hide it, not delete, so if you're curious and i know you and you're a nice person, i might show it to you) because as of today at this current time (pretty much within 24 hours, really), it has garnered over 500 views on blogger and 100 likes via the facebook widget. I believe this is enough publicity to at least have taught the girl in question a lesson.

From the start, I had no intention in leaving that post up forever, because I didn't think that would have been very nice to do in case future employers stumble upon it, forever dashing her chances at success, because she still has so much potential in her life. It would however, have been nicer if she had made a public apology, or at least acknowledged it in some way, instead of deleting all evidence and shying away by blocking me (which I still find amazingly hilarious and amusing, so thank you for that much entertainment in my otherwise dull and meaningless life) and then trying to get me to take it down by going through my best friend just because she's more forgiving and generally a better person than I am. (Really? Hiding behind the person whose artwork you stole? Pure gold. You know what, you're funny. I like you.)

If she had made a public apology, or anything really, maybe even writing a credit after her poem to say the illustration was drawn by its original artist, I would have quite happily deleted the post instantly, before it had even reached 50 likes or views.

But alas! Some things are not meant to be.

I do however hope that she has somehow, somewhere deep down inside her soul, learnt that plagiarising artwork hurts others (and not just herself), and that while you may not like me anymore...

I still like myself.


Hahah. Right. Okay, I'll stop with the sarcasm.

To the girl, I really do hope you'll change, and I do wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

And I honestly mean it.

I wash my hands clean off this matter.

Thank you, and good night.

Signing out (for another year or so),
Christine Ling