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Friday, October 31, 2008

decked with festive streamers

Congratulations, you've survived this harsh, cruel life on this spinning egg-shaped blob called Earth for 14 years!

Happy Birthday, Nur Sabrina and Hazimah! :D


now gimme candaaay ♥

Today is also Mr. A's birthday. Even though I do not like you, still--Happy Birthday. You're one year closer to death ;D muhuhu.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm feeling ambivalent about tags.

This, I sorely blame onnnnnnn *drumrolls* Sabrina!

hey, look! Advertisement! :D

Name Someone
01 With black hair: Blackest I've seen so far? Definitely Rebecca.
02 Younger than you: Ashley (my successor).
03 In your class: Valerie (the person who sits right in front :D).
04 Who is one of your best friends: One of 'em? Eleena.
05 Who is older than you: Sophia (my darling sister!).
06 Who lives close to you: Audrey (just down the road!)!!
07 With curly hair: Martha is the one!
08 Who lives far away from you: Amirah (right back at you then! :D).
09 You love: Benjamin♥ But I love more people than just him :D
10 You dislike: Someone? Well... The one who practises plagiarism.


How old is #03?
Valerie? 14 years, 3 months.

Are #09 and #01 friends?
Benjamin and Rebecca? They don't even know each other personally.

Does #02 have any pets?
Ashley? I think so...?

Why do you love #04?
Eleena? Because I've known her since kindergarten...?

What is #06's weakness?
Audrey? DBSK, or Suju, I'm guessing ;D

Where does #10 go to school?
The anonymous person? My school, anonymously ;D

Who do you talk to more, #02 or #08?
Ashley and Amirah? Obviously Amirah. She's my classmate!

In how many years does #07 turn 21?
Martha? 7 years.

What's #05's favourite band?
Sophia? It changes aaaaaaaaaall the time!

Would you ever have sex with #01?
Rebecca? Oh. My. Freakin-- What is wrong with you dude!?

How far does #03 live from you?
Valerie? Not that far, I reckon.

Who is crazier, #06 or #09?
Audrey and Benjamin? Definitely my brother. He's psycho♥

How long have you known #04?
Eleena? 10 years. Or 11 years...?

Does #02 like #10?
Ashley and the stupiak idiot? I certainly hope not.

How old #01?
Rebecca? 14 years, 4 months.

What is your favourite thing about #08?
Amirah? Her kind personality.

Have #04 and #05 made out?
Eleena and Sophia? Are you kidding me?

Is #09 related to you?
Benjamin? Why, yes! :D My darling koko!

What would you change about #10?
The disliked one? That obnoxious attitude.

What colour is #04's hair?
Eleena? Brown-ish black.

Is #01 immature?
Rebecca? At times xD

What's your relationship with #06?
Audrey? Friends and classmates since Primary 1! (:

Is #08 still in school?
Amirah? Yeah. Of course.

Where does #07 live?
Martha? Somewhere in Kuching.

What sports does #05 play?
Sophia? Tennis, swimming, track...mostly tennis.

Have you ever held hands with #01?
Rebecca? Becky? Me? Hold hands? -SNORTS and dies laughing-

What kind of eyes does #04 have?
Eleena? Dark brown, I guess?

Have #06 and #08 ever dated?
Audrey and Amirah: ...that'd be the day.

Have you ever seen #05 cry?
Sophia? Yeah. First time I remember was when I was five.

Do you have any classes with #10?
The annoyance? I'd positively DIE if I did have any.

Does #05 drink alcohol?
Sophia? Haaaaahahahhahahaa. HELL YES xD

When is #06's birthday?
Audrey? Five days after mine! :D

Who are the next 3 unlucky people that you would like to tag?
Refer to Sabrina's list ;D She's gotten them all, hahaha.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Tag" = "Jadi" -sticks thumbs out-

Maa-chan taaaaaagged me, so here goes.

  1. What is his/her name?

  2. You're asking me?

  3. How old is s/he?

  4. Ranging from 1 year to 100 years.

  5. Did s/he ever betray you before?

  6. Ask shim.

  7. Do you love him/her?

  8. As if I'd tell you :D

  9. Is s/he your soulmate?

  10. Gosh, I hope not.

  11. What do you think about him/her?

  12. Was created by God?

  13. Would you give him/her a present?

  14. day, mate. One day.

  15. Is s/he a liar?

  16. Maaaaaybe!

  17. Would you marry him/her?

  18. If I ever do, it was probably because I was blackmailed :D

  19. Be it that you're more famous than him/her, would you dump him/her?

  20. ...hahahahahaahahaa!!

Tired of reading my tags? Blame♥ these people → Martha, Amirah, Aaron and Mich T :D

6 people to tag:

6 things I'm passionate about:
Sleeping late
Playing the piano at the wrong times

6 things I say too often:
"Bask in my glory...! >D"

6 books I've read recently:
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer (rereading)
Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton
Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer
The Boy Who Could Fly (and The Invisible Girl) by Laura Ruby
The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu
The Fire Thief by Terry Deary

6 songs I can listen to again and again:
Crashed the Wedding - Busted
Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
Jesus Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood
Sempurna - Andra & The Backbone
Masquerade - Phantom of the Opera (2004)
The Voice - Celtic Woman

6 things I learnt in the past year:

I get sick waaaaay too easily.
I'm addicted to the computer, like seriously.
I lose things waaaaay too easily (I even lost my Geo textbook).
My (favourite) element is actually water, and not air/wind.
Science is just not my thing.
I can cut my fringe in a straight line! Or at the very least, it's not that jagged anymore...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Things We'd Never Ever Say"

Exam time is always very fun, but only when it's the free time just before the exam. Knowing us incorrigible people (namely yours truly), we'd gather around a specific table and talk. Or do fun/funny things. And sometimes, instead of talking, we scribble on paper. It can be terribly fun. (: But I'll show that to you another day. The other day, we listed down the things the other party would never every say. First of all, it's fun, it makes the other party cringe at the thought of them uttering it and it shows how much you know the said person. So, here's our script ;D We went in a clockwise pattern from our sitting arrangements.

Christine → Amirah → Amy → Choo Mei Yuin

So Christine will write what Amirah'd never say,
Amirah will write what Amy'd never say,
Amy will write what Chooey'd never say,
and Chooey will write what Christine'd never say.

  • Christine Amirah would never say: I hate Allen

  • Amirah Amy would never say: I love my brother and sister

  • Amy Chooey would never say: I'm smart!! :)

  • Chooey Christine would never say: I love carrots! [small drawing of a carrot]

  • Christine Amirah: Studying is my life.

  • Amirah Amy: My brother is such an angel.

  • Amy Chooey: I rule the world!! =)

  • Chooey Christine: I HATE GAARA.

  • Christine Amirah: Kiri belongs to Christine

  • Amirah Amy: I love school.

  • Amy Chooey: You are stupid because I'm smart.

  • Chooey Christine: I hate purple and anything 'glittery'.

  • Christine Amirah: Orochimaru is sexy.

  • Amirah Amy: Christine is tall.

  • Amy Chooey: I love my school result!!

  • Chooey Christine: Alviss belongs to Amirah.

  • Christine Amirah: I ♥ Mickey Mouse forever & everr

  • Amirah Amy: I hate my trombone.

  • Amy Chooey: I always think you're stupid!!

  • Chooey Christine: I hate Artemis Fowl. ♥

  • Christine Amirah: I never want to read another page of Chronicles of Amber.

  • Amirah Amy: I love Christine.

  • Amy Chooey: You suck I rock!!

  • Chooey Christine: Manga is overrated.

And that's it for us.

Some of us left after that as we were called by teacher for some (stupid) meeting, so Eleena and Alicia joined.

...with just the two of them.

Eleena writes for Alicia.
Alicia writes for Eleena.

  • Eleena Alicia would never say: Christine is my Ta Jie!

  • Alicia Eleena would never say: Pn. [censored] is my Hero *dreamy eyes*

  • Eleena Alicia: Puan [censored] is my Best Friend in The Whole Wide World BFFs forever!!! ♥

  • Alicia Eleena: I wish I had more Agama chapters to study!!

  • Eleena Alicia: I've got sexy legs.

  • Alicia Eleena: I will never-ever swear again *pinky swear*

  • Eleena Alicia: Guys are sexy beasts.

  • Alicia Eleena: Next time I wash Cheese, I hope he shrinks.

  • Eleena Alicia: I'm too sexy for my shirt. I'm a pervert!

It was a fun, fun day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I screamed at the prefects today.

I was so angry I even forgot some of the other things I wanted to say.

I wonder whether anyone's scared of me now. (:


Monday, October 20, 2008

our assistant class monitor is OLD :D

It must have sucked, to have your birthday land right smack on the day of our KH exam.

But think of it this way; it's the last day we actually have to study anything! :D

Now doesn't that make you glad? :)

It sure does for the rest of us.

if it didn't, you're psycho (:


welcome to the land of the old wise, but I don't think that fits as you are so terribly wise as it is...

[feels inferior, because i am the older one]

xD hahahahaa.

Thanks for being our assistant class monitor again even though we i know you don't really like it! :D


Saturday, October 18, 2008

my new crush! :D

Damian McGinty! 16 years old, 2008! If he can act, he should be the actor for Artemis Fowl! IT'S PERFECT. Black/brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, looks good in suits...! FROM IRELAND.

AND incredible smirk voice! -melts into big puddle of fangirl slush-

I admit, his pose is a little lame...but he's still cool isn't he? :D

-fans self- ♥

this is not good! :DDDD

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nothing much, really.

I know what you're thinking--ANOTHER LAYOUT!?

yes, yes, I know, I know, it isn't November yet...but STILL.



zomg. I think I'm getting pimples.

And I'm doing really reaaaaaaally badly this term.

I got too complacent. Shame on me, shame on me.

I feel slightly depressed.

But it's my fault.

So gah.


"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." ~William Arthur Ward

I love all his quotes. (:

Oh, and as a side note...

You remember the SEGAK thing?

Well, I got an A.


And teacher accidentally recorded my weight as 60kg.

It was so funny.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm a very good girl! :)

I made some bets with Chooey and Drey.

Christine: I will get lower than 70% for Geo
Chooey: Christine will get higher than 70% for Geo

Christine: I will get lower than 90% for English
Chooey: Christine will get higher than 90% for English

Christine: I will NOT get into Top 10 this term
Chooey: Christine will get into Top 10 this term
Audrey: Christine will get into Top 10 this term
(does no one trust me!? I'm hurt, guys. Really shot me there. Oof! -falls to floor dramatically-)

Christine: I will get lower than 85% for Science
Chooey: Christine will get higher than 85% for Science

and just one more to make it a grand total of RM1...

Christine: I will get lower than 75% for KH
Chooey: Christine will get higher than 75% for KH

needless to say, by the end of this term, I will be RM1 richer.

muhuhu. talk about easy money

and I did not corrupt Choo Mei Yuin by encouraging her to gamble. Nope, no siree. I'm totally innocent. Totally. Yeah. -shifty eyes-

I wouldn't do such a thing now, would I? -flutters eyelashes innocently-


On the other hand, I did terribly for maths. Pity me. I fell asleep, technically. My bad.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my new evil laughter: muhuhu!!

tThis is so totally Eu Fern's fault. xD

The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his / her perfect lover. Have to mention the gender of his / her perfect lover. Tag 8 other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog. (:D) If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Gender of Perfect Lover:
Human Male, thank you.

8 Different Points About Perfect Lover:

  1. Funny

  2. Able to tolerate me

  3. Always there?

  4. Knows when to criticise and not

  5. Able to poke fun at me

  6. Preferably good-looking ;D

  7. Smart

  8. Someone a little like me (: hee

I blame Jesslyn and Gabrielle for this one.

10 Things I Got To Do Before I Grow Old:

  1. Become skinny/slim!

  2. Become hardworking!

  3. Actually study for something for once!

  4. Learn how to play the harp!

  5. Master the English Language! (not possible)

  6. Master Mandarin!! (oh the horror!)

  7. Write a book!

  8. Achieve a perfect 100% on an English exam paper!

  9. Master HTML/CSS/XTML!

  10. Get my very own tablet!

Amirah changed her layout.

I wanna change mine too. Getting bored of this one. (:


I should be studying.

Oh shit.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

i'm...i'm just speechless.

She's friggin' amazing.


And she's just so adoraaaabbleeee!! ♥

Aren't you just positively gobsmacked?

I as hell am.

What's more to say she's never gone for lessons before this.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i really shouldn't be doing this why am I?

  1. What is the relationship between you and him/her?

  2. Both friends/classmates.

    And Cassandra → senior

  3. Your 5 impressions of him/her.

  4. Amirah:

    • Fellow animanga follower!

    • Helpful

    • Forgetful

    • She likes stealing my seat

    • She goes *moo* too

    Nur Sabrina:

    • She walks like a penguin!

    • But she's a human

    • Has the kind of face where grandmothers see and goes, "What an angel!"

    • Has a very veeeryy soft voice which my deaf ears always have to strain to hear xD

    • Rich!


    • Too smart

    • Fellow flautist

    • Fellow bibliobibuli

    • Fellow Eoin Colfer reader!

    • Fellow English Language Lover

  5. The most memorable things s/he has done for you.

  6. Amirah: The time when she helped me with my KH woodwork (:

    Nur Sabrina: When she helped carry my bags down to Science?

    Cassandra: Invite me to help with the school magazine (:

  7. The most memorable things he/she has said to you.

  8. Amirah: Ahah. Cubit pipi!! [me: *runs for dear life*]

    Nur Sabrina: Christine's acting cute again (: [me: what!!?]

    Cassandra: OMG you read artemis fowl!? (through friendster)

  9. If s/he became your lover, you will:

  10. Be astonished to find out I became lesbian after all my love for hott animanga guys.

    And what happened to ARTEMIS FOWL!? *angst*

  11. If s/he became your enemy, you will:

  12. Forget how that happened and proceed to make amends?

  13. If s/he became your lover, she has to improve on.

  14. --become more like artemis fowl ;D

    First of all...he's a guy♥

  15. If s/he became your enemy, the reason is.

  16. Probably just a bitch fight :D

    Which I wouldn't have lost ;D


  17. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?

  18. Draw stupid squiggles on their faces while they're sleeping? :3

    -flutters eyelashes innocently-

  19. The overall impression of him/her is.

  20. Amirah: Very caring

    Nur Sabrina: Very penguin-like

    Cassandra: A bibliobuli! :D

  21. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?


  23. The character of you for yourself is?

  24. ...the english sounds a Erm, character? Personality?

    Deranged. Capricious, most likely.

  25. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?

  26. Wrong. Sentence. Structure. Alert. Beeeeeeeep!

    My ability to procrastinate! Though I don't really hate it... -shifty eyes-

    I need to learn how to procrastinate procrastination.

    So in a way, I never do stop procrastinating.


  27. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?

  28. UM. Minerva Paradizo??

    Artemis had a crush on her in the 5th book! Teenage hormones, he called it xD Said he'd control it too. Awwww artyyy!

  29. For the people who care about you and like you, say something about them.

  30. Awwww, I love you too! -hug- (:

Ten people to tag:
I'm just gonna tag people who have been tagged--saves them the trouble (or doubles it), I guess? :3

  1. Alicia (whaaaaa--amirah tagged you too xD)

  2. Audrey

  3. Euffie

  4. Evelyn

  5. Cassandra

  6. Martha

  7. Jesslyn (but you've already done it so how? xD)

  8. Amirah (same applies to you ;D don't gahaha me xD LOLjkjk)

  9. Michelle

  10. Ashley

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
Audrey: why do you want to know?

Is no. 3 a male of a female?
Euffie: aaaaaaaaahahahhahaaa, what do you think? ;D

If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
Jesslyn and Ashley: a definite no (:

How about no. 5 and 8?
Cassandra and Amirah: just...LOL.

What is no. 1 studying about?
Alicia: how-to-get-rid-of-annoying-singing-"WhySoSilent"-from-the-Phantom-of-the-Opera-christines :D

"Why so silent, good messieurs?" ♫ :D

Is no. 4 single?
Evelyn: I've never asked (:

Say something about no. 6
Martha: She's NIIIIIIIIICE! 8D

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

shitnitz--this is déjà vu

5 more days till the final exam of the year.

5 more days.

And I have not started studying one bit.

I don't even *know* what to study.

Someone, Slap Me. Please.

5 days more, and I'm still napping, sneaking onto the computer and reading manga.

I'm getting slightly worried.

...oh shit.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i'm reposting this cos the last one got ugly :)

She's noisy.

She's lame.

She can't stop harrassing poor Cikgu Ismail.

She laughs a lot.

Her expressions are to die for.

She's still the lamest person you could ever meet in like, ever.

maybe i'm being a drama queen...

SHE's the Drama Queen.

She looooooveeeeeeeeeeeeees green.

When she bruises herself, the bruise can probably withstand/turn the whole spectrum of colours.

She says "Ow" even if you just hit touch her arm.

She whines a lot.

She merajuks a lot too.

She can only draw guys; she can't draw girls.

you sexist!!

She goes *snort*

She's MEAN. D':


Her fingers are longer than her palm.

She's just weird like that!

But despite all that, we aaaaaaall still love her!


You're officially one year older wiser!

...though I'm seriously having som
e doubts -shifty eyes-


you snort, i keel you

you know you love me :D ♥

Saturday, October 4, 2008

i did say i'd change my layout

Actually, the layout I wanted to use was this one right here. But the scripting of the link codes made me wanna die. You know I hate thinking, right? So I gave up. Pity. I loved the links.

Goodbye, my other layout. You were adorable and I'll always love you ♥ -sheds tear dramatically-

Ahhh, I got tagged by the one and only Miss Chatterbox, as she claims herself to be.


The rules and regulations:

  • Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

  • People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.

  • At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

  • No tags back!!

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

  1. I twirl a lock of my hair everytime my hands are free, which I'm now barely conscious of. Or if I'm thinking. My sister tells me I look crazy whenever I do it. (:

  2. I trip over everything, including air.

  3. Try as I might, I just cannot stay angry for more than a few minutes.

  4. Whenever I can't sleep and have no books to read, I stare at my digital clock and invent games.

  5. I like naming inanimate objects. But I obviously can't beat this girl.

  6. If you're really close to me, I'll gnaw on your arm sporadically.

  7. I get distracted really, really easily.

  8. I tug my hair/fringe whenever I get a headache.

  9. When I get nervous, I tend to ask a LOT of questions. Like seriously, A LOTTTT.

  10. I can brainwash convince others more easily than I can convince myself.

  11. I have a tendency of shooting people down and/or bursting their bubbles if I disliked the way they bragged.

  12. I can't resist having a jibe at something I find amusing. Sadly, people don't often understand my sardonic remarks. For the better good.

  13. Whenever I finish my exam paper with ample time to spare, I write out synonyms of basic words, ie: happy → glad, delighted, euphoric, in seventh heaven, over the moon, joyful, pleased, cheerful, in high spirits, on cloud nine, ecstatic, elated, thrilled... (this could go on and on...)

  14. I like wearing my glasses. It makes me look smart. (: Unfortunately, I always lose them.

  15. I cry whenever someone else cries.

I tag:

Sebastian (sorry ahbas!)

Karen (your first tag?)

Cassandra (sorry, i know you're busy)

Tsing-Tsing (i think you still haven't done my last tag xD)

Nerine (hope you don't mind!)

Alicia (have fun ;D)

Evelyn (you better see this)

Michelle (hahahaha)

Eu Fern (sorry euffie!)

Aaron (gasp!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

um umm i was forced to post D:

A certain girl by the name of Christine was reading a manga, Marchen Awakens Romance (MAR), when suddenly, her phone rang.

Startled by the sudden remix her phone blared out, she looked around wildly, briefly forgetting where she had misplaced her phone again. Following the source of music to her tuition bag, she rumaged around before her hand settled on the vibrating device. Thriumphantly pressing the 'answer' button, she fell back in her chair, eyes already returning to her manga.

"CHRIS!" Amirah Aminuddin's voice blasted in Christine's poor ear, followed by some near-hysteric giggles.

A little stunned, Christine replied, "What?"

"My brother wants me to go down to get tea for him!"

Christine glanced to her right, at her clock. "At....12:30 in the morning?"

"YEAH. I'm not going!"

"Why can't he get it himself?" Christine asked, amused.

"I dunno him! He weird! He scared of the dark! Maybe!"

"LOL." Yes, Christine can pronounce that word. Lawl. See? LOL.

Christine then hears Amirah's brother's voice in the background, saying something she can't quite hear.

"Aahhh! Get away from me you retard! Shoo, shoo! Get the tea yourself!"

"Isn't your brother like, the man? Like, the man of the house? He should go down himself!" If Christine was in an anime, her face would have been: xD

"YALAR! You the man of the house! Can go get it yourself!"

"What if---" The last part, Christine didn't hear.


A sinister male laughter was heard in the background.

"NO! MY SIMS DOWNLOADS! Don't, you retard!"

Yes, Christine is too busy laughing giggling hysterically silently to say anything.

"Tea! Tea! Tea! Tea! Tea!" Christine heard the voice of Amirah's brother.

"Gah! Gah! AHHH CHRISTINE HE PULLED MY INTERNET LINEEEEE!!" screamed Amirah, followed by the sounds of a small tussle. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

You can be sure Christine was nowhere near her manga now, laughing. "W-why?" choked out Christine through giggles.

"Hmph! I told him nevermind I can continue the downloads later then he said you're chatting with your friend so I called you and HE PULLED THE LINEEEE!"

"See how long you can talk to your friend over the phone!" Amirah's brother taunted, in a sing-song voice.

"Gah! Gah! Gahhhhh!"

"Hahahaha! Tell him a VERY long time!" laughed Christine.

"Haha! I just threw Momo at him!"


"My soft toy cat!" said Amirah happily. "She's soooo cute!"

"Awwww! I wanna see!"





"And he's saying 'TEA' each time!"

Indeed, Christine heard the word tea being repeated between short intervals, in this happy, delighted voice. Who knew the word tea could sound so malicious?


"Ohh ohh," breathed Christine once she had gotten over her fit of laughter. "Why doesn't your brother want to go down by himself?"

"He says he's scared of robbers downstairs!"


"Afterward the robbers attack me!" said Amirah's brother.

"No la! Who want to come near you!? They see you they run away! You retard!"

"No nooo, TEAAAA! Go go go go~!"


Amused once more, Christine piped in, "He should be the one protecting you! You should tell him that you're the cute, innocent, angelic, lovable sister that he must protect."

"HAH! What she said! I am the lovely sister you must protect!"

"Whaaat!? No!"

"YEAH!" shouted Amirah. "I am the main character in this movie! I cannot die! You're the lame side character that dies in the first scene!"

Christine, was once again, M.I.A. because she was too busy laughing her head off.

"Noooo!" came her brother's reply.



More sounds of a squabble. Then suddenly, the line went dead. Christine stared at her phone, still laughing, and threw it onto the bed. Finding Amirah was indeed, offline, she continued her manga, briefly wondering what had happened.

Quite a while later, her phone rang again. Christine grabbed it at once and answered.

"Chris!" Amirah sounded out-of-breath.

"Yes?" answered Christine, already starting to smile.

"I did it."


"I went down to get his tea!"


"My bro's smart. He bribed me."

Christine felt the familiar sensation of laughter rising.

"He sang 'Iced Cold Tea' and recorded it and bribed me with it. Of course I accepted!"

Christine didn't answer. She just laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And laughed...

Amirah snickered. "This video is so going on youtube."

Laughter is the best medicine!

So that was the story of Amirah and Amir's Tea.

A tragic battle over the internet cable and...a cup of tea.

Please refer to here, a post entitled Retard for happened when the handphone was off.

This happened on the 1st of October, 2008.

I know I procrastinate ;D

Random fact of the day: Songs like, "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" from the Phantom of the Opera makes Christine cry.

Just look at the lyrics! If you don't cry or feel enormously sad, you're heartless. D:

She's referring to herself when she says, "Little Lotte thought....", btw. And I don't quite like the next song, "Wandering Child". The phantom's scary D:

And then Raoul goes, "No, Christine! Wait!"