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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amateur Rhyming.

Suddenly lost, and looking forlorn,
They ask time, "Where have you gone?
My first grandchild has just been born,
and I have a duty to make him belong.
Can't you see, it's not time yet to mourn?

"Could you not have waited a few more years?
A few more laughs, a few more tears?
How am I to live with this growing fear,
that my grandchild, a child so dear,
will never have, his grandpa near?"

Time replied, a little cool,
"You greedy man, you useless fool!
Do you take me for just a tool?
Don't be such a silly, stubborn mule.
It's your fault, just plain old you.

"I've given you time to laugh.
I've given you time to cry.
I've given you time to live.
Now it's time for you to die.

"You shouldn't have listened to Mr. Hare;
his head is big, but inside it's bare.
Have you not heard of that one such case,
where slow and steady won the race?

"It's much too late to fuss and pout.
Time doesn't wait, there is no doubt.
But if you would just think and stop,
and remember what Red has taught,
you'd walk with me to the finish line,
hand-in-hand, enjoying time."

© Christine Ling, April 2010.