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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everyday Things

The Star's essay writing competition teacher and ALICIA forced me to join. Theme: The Best Things in Life

I'm sorry, the next post will be And interesting. I think. I hope. GAH.

Lame, will burn your eyes, sucky, and very pathetic. There was a WORD LIMIT OF 1,200 WORDS. Ooh I had hell.

The Best Things in Life

Our English teacher strode into the classroom, a big smile on her face. We tensed; the smile looked almost sinister. Dumping her books on the table, she beamed at us. “I’ve got terrific news for you guys!”

There were sharp intakes of breaths. “Our exam results?” squeaked Jojo.

“What? No, that’s next week.” Relieved sighs. “What I have for you is better than that! Guess.”

We blinked.

“It’s an essay writing competition! Aren’t you excited?” Her smile stretched.

I could almost hear the crickets in the background as we stared incredulously at her.

She grinned, taking out her whiteboard marker. “You’re gonna love it. The topic is ’The Best Things in Life’!” she exclaimed brightly.

“Awesome,” breathed Lili from my right. “It’s not a factual essay.”

Well, we could survive that.

Our teacher clapped her hands. “So, I’ll post up the leaflet on the notice board later. Please check it out!”


The bell rang, signalling the end of school.

“So…” I began as we fought our way through the crowd of students. “’The Best Things in Life’…eh?” I paused and gave a low whistle. “That’s really general.”

“GOOD!” said Lili. “Anyway, I know what the best thing in your life is!”


“Me!” she yelled cheekily. I smacked her arm. “Oww, watch it. I bruise easily!”

I snorted and cheerfully waved goodbye as I headed for my car.

“Hey, mum. What’s the best thing in life?”

“Depends,” she answered. “It’s very opinionated. For example, I’d reply this family.”

I grinned. “I get it. Others won’t find this family the best thing in their lives.”



As I chucked my bag onto my bed, I thought of Lili’s words. She’s actually right, I thought. In a way, she represents one of the best things in my life. Friends. Wait, no. Friendship. Friends aren’t the best things in life; it’s the friendship they offer, because friends without friendship aren’t really friends at all. Who else sticks with you through the thick and thin? Who lets you copy off their work when you’ve forgotten some homework, with the words ‘sharing is caring’ and a wink? Who trips you just for the fun of it? Who are you without your friends? And tell me, how would you survive examinations without them? I snorted, remembering the previous term examination…

Nana scanned the page one last time before closing her book firmly. She exhaled deeply. “Okay!” she announced, throwing her reference book at Lili, who caught it with well-practiced ease. “Ask me a question.” Determination burned within her eyes.

“Okay,” Lili replied. She inhaled dramatically and faced Nana with scrutinizing eyes. “What is my name?”

Lili flashed her trademark grin.

Nana slammed her head into the desk.

I laughed at the memory. With all the poems and stories written about friendship, there must be a reason why it’s so popular. From what I can see, it is because friendship is the first thing that will come to mind when asked, “What are the best things in life?”

“Right,” I smiled. “I’ll write about that.”


My phone was ringing. I tried answering it with a cool manoeuvre, you know, like in the movies, but my phone ended up clattering to the floor brutally. I hurriedly picked it up; thanking my lucky stars it didn’t break. “Hello?”

“Mimi! There’s this mini-fair thing here! You can’t miss this! Come! Quickly! Now!” Nana hung up. I was left starting at my phone in disbelief. She didn’t give me an address! Nevertheless, I grabbed my things and left, relying on Nana to read my mind. Sure enough the address came as I was on the road with a ‘sorry I forgot!’ at the end. I snorted.


I searched the crowd and soon found Nana’s head of untidy hair. Nana turned, excited. “There you are! Check out this band, ‘The Uninstrumentals’! They’re cool.”

My jaw dropped, quite literally. They weren’t even carrying real instruments! And they call themselves a band. All I saw were a few half-filled glass bottles, small containers filled with beads, blocks of hollow wood of different sizes with rubber bands around it, along with other odd ‘instruments’. I wanted to laugh. I almost did, until they started playing. They plucked the rubber bands, rattled the containers, and blew into the bottles in such prefect harmony; not a sound could be heard from the spectators. That was the effect The Uninstrumentals had on us. A strange calm descended upon me, hearing them play on their makeshift instruments. It sent a shiver down my spine. It made goose bumps rise on my skin. You know how they always say music is food for your soul? I finally know why.

And now I realise, it’s definitely another ‘Best Thing in Life’, for me.


“Whoa, that was amazing!” I gushed after several standing ovations for The Uninstrumentals.

“Wasn’t it?” said Nana smugly. “Aren’t you glad I called you?”

“Yes! HAIL, O-Great-One, Nanamon!”

“Yes, yes, keep it comin’.”

I rolled my eyes and snorted (I really have to stop doing that), wandering deeper into the fair. A sudden movement caught my eye and I turned…to witness Jojo in a chess competition against Gigi! With a short squeal, I dragged Nana over. We crouched next to their table, attracting a few wary looks. We ignored them.

“I cheer for Jojo, you cheer for Gigi,” I whispered to Nana, eyes glued to their game. Jojo and Gigi didn’t even acknowledge our presence, too absorbed in their game; trapped in the world of black and white squares.


It had been too long. I felt dizzy. I brought my head up with a sharp jerk and almost tumbled backwards. The stark contrast of the green grass against the black and white board hit me like a brick. It was overwhelming. It dawned on me then, glancing back and forth, how important colours are in my world. To see rainbows form, sunset skies and the soft colours of the sea. To see the vibrancy of the red of the roses, the vivid colour of fluttering butterflies and the painted sceneries of beaches. Colours. I savoured the word.

“Right,” I decided. “Definitely going into my essay.”


“Eh, Fifi, you’re here!”

She grinned. “Yeah, Coach let me off early.”

“That’s our badminton champion. All prepared already!”

“Nah, it’s just Coach thinks I need more freedom. Says I’ve been cooped up too long just swinging my racquet.” She stretched her limbs. “You have no idea how good it feels to be free.” Her smile was serene.

We were walking back from the fair; it was getting late. Freedom, I mused. Liberation. Independence. Autonomy. I gazed around. I saw people meandering about, laughing and talking without a care in the world. The epitome of freedom. We were free. Malaysia is free. It’s truly a blessing. One of the best things in life, it goes without saying, is freedom.


I retreated to my room, drained but inspired. The best things in life were really just the things we have each day. It was about time they were appreciated. Picking up my pen, I smiled. I knew what I was going to write for my essay. It would start like this:
Our English teacher strode into the classroom, a big smile on her face…

© Christine Ling, 2009.
plagiarism just proves you have no imagination and dignity and that you lack a functioning brain. going overboard? i don't think so.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

this is probably why i don't do well for exams

disclaimer: all vandalism is done strictly and only on christine ling jern sze's exam papers.

shrugs. it explains itself.

...don't ask.

decapitated dollies? freaaaky.

it does look kinda pretty..

yeess, i forge signatures when bored.


i know i'm a freak.


yes yes, freak, yes.

haha nana's one too!

hahaha! berhidung tinggi.
(first term nya)

AAHAHHAHAHAHAAA. so much difference.
(third term nya)

OMG! why do i have nana's paper!?

this page scared the shit out of me (:

i always get scolded for wasting time doing things like this instead of checking.

yes, i write 700+ word essays for english exams..

and i still have time to punch holes in the paper and figure out new signatures after that. /WALL.

my handwriting's gorgeous ;)

"Do not mind those policemen eating doughnuts in their police cars while watching you with suspicious (scrutinizing was what i had meant to write) eyes.

Most of them are so bored nowadays that they have taken to waiting in their cars for an emergency call so that they can rush off at first notice to catch all the action.

It is rather amusing at times, seeing a police car speeding down the street, sirens blaring, and the police officer's eyes gleaming maniacally with a doughnut hanging from his mouth."

"This area is known for its super-friendly people, so do not be surprised if a stranger suddenly appears and offers you fruit. I remember I was so shocked the first time that I screamed and ran away. Apparently, that stranger had been so hurt, she had burst into tears.

Guilt hounds me still."

..drama queen, much?

this is what i do after i've finished Maths Paper 2.
I copy down the questions, my answers, and the points given for each question.
yes, i waste a lot of time.

i like talking to my paper too.

or at least thinking they'd talk back.

something's not right here!

omg i so dumb.

i beg to differ. it's TWO acts of vandalism, not just one!

yes, i'm a freak.

instead of checking.

i wanted to scratch it so badly ):

owl city ♥

geography dieded.

choo mei yuin's handwriting!

zoomed up.

"...I ran out, grinning like a five year-old child in a candy store.

I saw the greenery around me and was sorely tempted to roll in the grass until I saw a stray dog doing its business a few feet away.

Suddenly sombered, I headed back to the car and we continued on our way."

i am SO crude.

my name!!

how it looks every other time.

a lonesome heart.

nana made it,
for our bookmarks,
won't you buy one?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

heeeeeeeeey youuu

Wahseh, so many people born today! But I'm only dedicating this post to one of them, so feel HONOURED. [laughter]

Haaaaappy Birthday, Michelle Goh Wen Yi! ♥

I hope you like your present as much as I liked staring at the pictures! (:

MICHELLE: (obsessively colouring her fingernails with whiteboard markers)
CHRISTINE (raising an eyebrow): You're a little weird today...
MICHELLE (happily): Well I'm going to eat Tom Yam Soup today!

Sure, Mich xD Hope you enjoyed that too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it is destined.

for me to fail Geography.

I am to study
39 Chapters
in ONE day.

But since I'm not gonna bother with the Bahagian A parts, that'll be minus 11 chapters for Form 1 and 2, so,

28 Chapters.
in one day.

hey that's more than the hours given in one day!!

how liau?

fail lor.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ahahahhahahaa. (doomed)

Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu...


ahahahahs. i died-ed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

why am i online?

yes indeed.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

a new month


Christopher Heng is his name.

He claims to be the hottest kid in his grade.

Do I need to mention he's three years younger than I?

Besides that...,

okay, fine, fine. Today's post is *actually* about the guy below!

scary, isn't it? :3

Since you're SEVENTEEN (old--cough), you'll soon hold a driving license with that expression on your face!

I still remember when you were shorter than me.

Look what I COULD DO.

Still shorter.

Then only become taller. Why so liddat wan. Guh.



Instead of studying my Science, I did this for you!
if i fail my science, it'll be on your conscience.
You better pass that driving test so you can fly to Kuching and drive me around! :D


and one last one,

because he thinks he's hot cute!

but you can actually see he's PSYCHO :D

that's Cherry Tomato right there, btw! :D

♥s you my dear darl cousin!

and i still haven't found a cute nickname for you yet. ):

And I still think you're totally whipped :D