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Friday, November 28, 2008

oh, boo-hoo

Yo. I'm HOME. Finally, at last! Salvation! Redemption! Preservation! Deliverance!

Ahh yess, I'm slightly unhinged...

As I promised, here are them pictures!

The Last Day of School:
10th November 2008 (Monday)

Remember, they look clearer when enlarged. So right-click or Ctrl + Left Click.

Um. Just ignore me for the first couple of seconds. Clarbear doesn't like being hugged and she gets annoyed by my mushy-mushy voice and I enjoy disturbing Clarbear. So yeah 8D I sound really retarded there.

The picture she was talking about was posted on Alicia's blog. The one of her sleeping. (:

Alicia and Eleena disturbing the people who are making calls with the telephone booths provided outside the music room.

The windows are photo-grey and only the people inside the room can look out while the people outside can't really see in (as the room is darker than the outside).

We enjoy laughing at them people who use the windows as mirrors. (;

Lip Yi thought the dustpan was empty, so she swung it around, and the dust and rubbish inside it scattered.

The band members who had so diligently swept up the said dust and rubbish all screamed in indignation and Lip Yi was rewarded a broom and the task to resweep the rubbish and dust all up while the band members watched (and poked fun).

[GAH! Movie Clip here! But Blogger won't let me post it! I think the file's too big or sumfin. Got rejected like 4 times. It must not like Lip Yi. Haha. So beep me and I'll send it to you too! Let us witness Lip Yi's maturity! :D 'Tis an awesome sight]

Lip Yi doing her very own Hula-Hula La dance with the rattles that were found lying around in the music room and given to her.

Later Erica was forced to join as one of the remaining seniors.

Eleena thought it was fun and proceeded to join.

And then we pushed Valerie out to join them (:

...Eleena laughs scarily xD So hysterical! Ahahaa.

Sorry but you're gonna have to tilt your head the whole time (or if it's a laptop, tilt the laptop) cos I wanted to get the whole Lip Yi in. Especially teh feet. Hahahhahaa.

The "sky so blue, grass so green, air so clean" act by Alicia and Lilian! :D

it's an animated picture and it's a big image so wait for it to finish loading!

Attention! Anyone who wants the original, unedited picture just send me a beep. I'll send it to you (: [if I'm not feeling lazy at that moment in time] ♥

Miss all my friends and can't wait to see them again next year! :D