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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amateur Rhyming.

Suddenly lost, and looking forlorn,
They ask time, "Where have you gone?
My first grandchild has just been born,
and I have a duty to make him belong.
Can't you see, it's not time yet to mourn?

"Could you not have waited a few more years?
A few more laughs, a few more tears?
How am I to live with this growing fear,
that my grandchild, a child so dear,
will never have, his grandpa near?"

Time replied, a little cool,
"You greedy man, you useless fool!
Do you take me for just a tool?
Don't be such a silly, stubborn mule.
It's your fault, just plain old you.

"I've given you time to laugh.
I've given you time to cry.
I've given you time to live.
Now it's time for you to die.

"You shouldn't have listened to Mr. Hare;
his head is big, but inside it's bare.
Have you not heard of that one such case,
where slow and steady won the race?

"It's much too late to fuss and pout.
Time doesn't wait, there is no doubt.
But if you would just think and stop,
and remember what Red has taught,
you'd walk with me to the finish line,
hand-in-hand, enjoying time."

© Christine Ling, April 2010.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I call it Nothing. Literally.

I had to do corrections. Yep, I'm only doing it now. I'm sorry. And I know, it sucks. But too bad. Posting up for future memories when I can read back all my past writings and laugh at how lousy I was.

(First Term Examination March 2010, English | Section E: Question D, Write a story beginning with: "It was pitch dark. I saw a figure darting across the compound of the house..")

N O T H I N G .

It was pitch dark. I saw a figure darting across the compound of the house, barely making a sound. The little moonlight there was illuminated the soft grass that was flattened by the figure’s swift feet, making it easy to follow its movements. The figure pressed himself (or herself? I couldn’t tell) against the wall of that blue, silent house, looking furtively around. As I crept closer to get a better view, I saw that the figure was a girl.

I paused. I knew her, I thought to myself. She looked different with her hair cropped and cut short. She was also swathed in clothes as dark as the night. My head felt fuzzy as something nagged at me, telling me that she was not usually like that.

The last lighted window in the house flickered off, and at once she was on the move, taking a hairpin from her hair expertly and positioning herself by the door. Her hair fell to one side, obscuring her face from my view, but I could still hear her muttering to herself repeatedly the same words while she tried picking the lock. “Please, please, please…” she murmured, as soft as the breeze.

I heard the satisfying ‘click’ and the door swung open smoothly. She tensed. After a few hesitant moments, she peered into the darkness of the house. Nothing stirred; nothing moved; nothing was out of place. Her form visibly relaxed and she slowly stepped into the silent house. I stole in after her as the door swung shut due to the weight fastened to the top of the door. There was another soft ‘click’ as the door auto-locked itself. The only source of light now came from the windows, a weak silver glow that barely reached more than three feet. I felt safe; she couldn’t possibly see me.

She treaded delicately across the smooth floorboards, seeming to know her way around even in the darkness of the house. A sudden stumble made me conscious that she was fidgeting, and her hands were trembling. I wanted to stop her and ask, “What are you doing here?” but when I opened my mouth, not a sound came out. I could only follow her quietly, like a ghost.

The stairs creaked faintly even though her footsteps were light. I walked up by stepping on the very sides of the stairs and they didn’t make a sound as I ascended them after her. When I reached the corridor, I saw her standing in front of an open door, staring into a room with a forlorn expression on her face. I waited until she had turned from the room and hid her face in her hands before I left the safety of the empty stairs.

I snuck up behind her and peeped into the room. I saw two figures sleeping, with dark circles under their eyes. They were Dad and Mum, I realised. Why did they look so tired, so sad? I started making my way in but she abruptly walked off, down the corridor. I felt torn in between. I glanced at my parents, and the girl. Who was I to choose? I decided to follow the girl. After all, she was the intruder here, in my house. I’ll check on my parents, later.

She stopped in front of another door. Twisting the doorknob gently, she eased the door open. I saw a tiny silhouette, tangled up in the bed sheets. My little brother, Tommy. He was thrashing wildly, his breathing heavy and his face contorted in anguish. “Sis, sis!” he called out desperately.

My heart broke. I discarded the wisdom of hiding from the girl and rushed to my brother’s side. “I’m here, Tommy. Big sis is here. Calm down now, calm down…” I stroked his brow soothingly.

It made no difference; his arms still flailed about, almost striking me across the face. Suddenly he bolted upright with a gasp, wide awake. He was panting. He looked straight at me before covering his face with his hands. He started to sob, “Sis…”

“There, there. What is it, Tommy?”

“I miss you…”

“Aww, it’s okay, Tommy. It’s okay.”

“I wish you were here.”

“I’m here now, Tommy. I’m here now,” I smiled and leant in to give my eight-year-old brother a hug, but suddenly he ducked back under his blankets as his sobs filled the room. I felt helpless, powerless, weak, and suddenly very, very vulnerable. It was taking me all my strength to not just break down and cry with him. A muffled sniff escaped my lips as I tried to hold it in, my hands flying to my mouth in hopes of stifling it. I whirled away from my brother, and saw the empty doorway; the girl had vanished.

I cast one long last look at my brother, and choking back a sob, I hastily made my way out and headed down the corridor once more.

A door stood ajar at the end of the corridor. Light seeped out through the small gap. I slipped in and saw the back of the girl who was rummaging around the drawers. My drawers. This was my room.

“Hey!” I called out. “What are you doing here?” Finally the words were out. She made no motion that she had heard me. I stormed my way across my room and was about to wrench her around to face me when I saw her looking at a photograph in her hands. It was of me…and her. Back when she had long hair and colourful clothes. Back when we both wore bright smiles on our faces. An unexpected pang of nostalgia hit me, and I reached out to touch her now short hair. She hardly flinched. “Christine…” she whispered softly. A tear landed on the photograph.

“Lily…” I whispered, suddenly remembering her name. “What’s wrong? Why are you here?”

A short silence.

“Why did you have to leave?” she demanded harshly.

I was taken aback by her sudden outburst. “What…what do you mean?”

She groaned in frustration and stuffed the photograph into her back pocket, resuming her frenzied search.

“What are you looking for?” I asked, feeling very confused.

She made no reply. She searched through the boxes, the cupboards and even the bookshelves, replacing them neatly in their original places once she was done. Out of the blue, she gasped. She had found it finally. She held it up, letting it catch the light and send glittering patterns dancing across the room. It was a small bracelet, with a clover-shaped crystal charm. Something in my memory clicked, and I recognised that bracelet with a jolt. My hand flew to my wrist.

“Why did you take it off? Why…?” she asked quietly.

My hand felt nothing on my wrist; it was bare. I was flabbergasted. Why had I taken my lucky charm off? “I-I don’t know…” I started to reply, but she cut me off mid-way.

“And now you’re gone!” she hissed sharply. Her words crashed onto me like a tsunami.

“I-I’m not gone! I’m still here, Lily! Hey!” I yelled, trying to drown out her accusing voice, but it was too late. She was gone from the room, the room which was pitch black once more.

I yanked the door open and flew out of the house after her, calling her name desperately. Only the soft rustling of the trees answered me. Feeling at a loss, I turned back to the house…only to face a closed door. It came as a bad shock when I realised that I had just passed through that locked door. A sick feeling rose up in my throat. My heart was pounding.

“No…” I whispered, horrified. “No…!”

I placed a shaky hand against a tree. It stayed for a moment, then it sunk into the tree. A cold terror seized me and a sharp scream burst from my lips, piercing the dark and silent night. I wrenched my hand free from the tree and crumpled onto the silvery grass, screaming and weeping.

But no one heard a thing.

Nothing stirred; nothing moved; and nothing was out of place. Except for a photograph, a charm bracelet, and the girl who once used to live in that blue, silent house.


(1,374 words)
Christine Ling
4 Science 1

But besides that, Karen Michelle Wong Leh Song (did i get it right?) is 15 years old today, Rebecca Gemma Su Xin-Fong is 16 years old today, Pamela Tan idunnowhat is 17 years old today, and Olivia iforgotwhat Lee ialsoFORGOTwhatbutithinkit'sHUIPINGbutinotsure is 18 years old today; that old woman :D hehe. I ♥ you guys. Happy birthday.

Sunday, June 27, 2010



happy birthday! :D she be too cute.

and also my dear cute classmate, annie ng! happy birthday! she's so cute xD

and also, there was one more.........

i think it started with an a, too. A......a...................

oh, i give up! He's known as GUMIS anyway ;DDDD whoopsie da! TEEHEHEE!

happy birthday to u too buddy! but he's not as cute as mummykins or annie x)


there u go u bimbo. yay for birthday posts!

Sore Feet

just for the hell of it and for the sake of an update.

TOPICS from Ms Susie:
  1. Books
  2. Storm
  3. Songs
  4. Fruits
  5. Shoes


I think I was a fruit in my past life.

I am a strict non-fruitatarian. It’s something like a vegetarian, except it’s fruits and I eat everything but fruits. I’m not too sure about a humanitarian and what they eat, though.

But moving on, I really think I was a fruit in my past life. I have random urges to hunch over like a banana and just crouch in a lovely, beautiful fruit bowl, looking all yellow and pale.

I try especially hard to look pale. I’d squeeze my eyes shut, hold my breath and not move. On more than one occasion I have opened my eyes to catch my mother looking at me strangely. Upon being asked whether I look pale and yellow, she’d tell me that I look blue and crazy.

I never show my disappointment though. I’d just go up to my room, take a book down from my shelf, jump onto my bed and bawl my eyes out. I tell people that I’m reading a sad, sad story.

But anyway, I’m considering asking that Edward Cullen guy to teach me his pale and glittery trick. I hear he’s so good at it, he does it unconsciously! That’s so cool. It’s almost like he’s a shiny fruit by nature.

Moving on! On certain days, I’d go out to the garden and sing songs to our fruit trees. According to the grapevine, it makes them grow faster. But I just like making them feel the love.

“Hush-a-bye fruitzy, on the tree branch,” I’d sing, and then when I reached “and down will go fruitzy, stalk, leaves and all!” a fruit normally drops down immediately! Although by then you’d hear a voice from somewhere inside the house (or a nearby neighbour) screaming, “Whoever you are, stop singing! The clothes are out drying! Dude, PLEASE.” And then, as if on cue, thunder will suddenly resound across the neighbourhood and rain will come pouring down.

“It’s a storm!” I’d cry out dramatically and picking up the fallen fruit, I’d huddle over it protectively and run back into the house.

But that’s that. Let’s move on, shall we?

I simply cannot stand the sight of someone eating a fruit. Especially apples. When those teeth sink into a particularly juicy apple and I hear the loud crunch that echoes in my ears and head… I can just feel my heart twisting in turmoil. There goes my beloved red friend! Gone forever, on a journey down through someone’s gullet. Goodbye, goodbye. I hope he finds his soul mate down there.

Speaking of soles… I think I can hear my shoe squelching with each step I take. It must have been all those storms! Oh, fiddlesticks. There goes my school shoes. I can hear its cry of anguish and its pleas to be released from this misery! Oh how my heart writhes in agony! I wish I could help you, my friend. I really do.

But it’s okay. I shall move on. I heard it’s good for keeping people sane. Haven’t you?

Oh, hey! Hey there. You know what?

I think I was a shoe in my past life.


i don't think i know how to write anymore. and did you notice anything about the topics in what i wrote?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Being moral-ized. or moralistic?

seriously. pendidikan moral. i bet u if u've gone through it in secondary school u'd ask, "What kind of stupid subject is this?"

do they seriously think that by memorising the definitions of moral values we'd all become Good and Loyal and Hardworking and Believing-in-God citizens? seriously? do they think we'd apply it in our daily lives?

hell to the no.

i mean, will it be like--

RANDOM DOOD: *commits gejala sosial*
PM STUDENT: Oh my! You should believe in God.
RANDOM DOOD: ...what's that?
PM STUDENT: Oh why it's just keyakinan wujudnya Tuhan sebagai pencipta alam dan mematuhi segala suruhanNya berlandaskan pegangan agama masing-masing selaras dengan prinsip Rukun Negara!!!!! :D

yeah. i'm sure that'll convert THOUSANDS. totally.

and what's with the FORMAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT? dun write the word 'nilai' whole thing gone 3 marks gone. the hell. too much KEADILAN must be. cannot be BERAT SEBELAH.

where's the Rasional and Kesederhanaan in this subject anyway?

pls la. what's the difference between dan and serta?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't be so sad

quite frankly she's changed all of us in some way.

her first lesson she bombed all of us. every science class after that you would see us with our books are readied at the side and all of us silent as she walks menacingly and slowly to our class with this imgonnaeatu face. (never happens for other teachers back in primary school)

her "FIRST CLASS" seats.

her teeth.


she used to offer allybean gastric stuff too.

that fluff of hair that always used to pop up when wind blew.

we always loved it when she went to other classes to bomb them instead x)

we were excited to learn in form one our teacher's initials were CJ too (Cecelia John)

we never really knew whether her name was johana or johanna.

when she got us paranoid about rust until we started using tissues while holding the tongs.


when she pulled the ears, "eeeeeeeeek-PIANG!"

kueh tiaw ruler.

her clothes that were from the roadside.

her hut on a hill that could only fit her head.

....her mercedes.

and many many other things. btw go look at nana's drawings on ally's blog :)

we'll always remember you, Cikgu Johanna. rest in peace

Sunday, March 7, 2010

blame jesslyn kho x)

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time : 22:06
Name : Christine Ling
Sisters : 1
Brothers : 1
Shoe size : um. 6? 5, 6, 7. around there.
Height :

Where do you live : Kuching
Favourite drinks : CHINCHIN PEACH WATER DRINK!!!! xD
Favourite breakfast : Cha zhu mee, hungan, porridge, pancake, sandwich........... :)~~~~~~

Have you ever been on a plane : yepyep. i hate turbulences! always makes me think we're gonna crash ;____;
Swam in the ocean : OCEAN! .......dun think so
Fallen asleep in school : aaaall the time :D
Broken someone's heart : well no one has died by my hands yet xD
Fell off your chair : *shifty eyes* uh.........of course not.............HEHEHEHEH
Sat by the phone and waiting for someone to call : .......nt rly.........i think..............
What is your room like : MESSY! xD
What's right beside you : my pillowwww
What is the last thing you ate : BEEF! xD mirah UMAMI! HEHEHEHE

Ever had ;
Chicken pox : think so!
Sore throat : aaaall the tiimeeee ;O;
Stitches : .........from laughing YES xD
Broken nose : HAHAHHAAHA no

Do you ;
Believe in love at first sight : YES. cos right. i see manga/anime character. "OMG HE SO COOL I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!"
Like picnics : as long as no ants and mosquitoes! xD
Who was, were the last person;you danced with : Dancing with Myself! Glee! xD
Last made you smile : the word "Glee"
You last yelled at : i............dun remember xD

Today did you ;
Talk to someone you like : NOOOOOOOO T________T i shall go read one piece and scream/squeal at luffy now.
Kissed anyone : on the cheek yes! :D
Get sick : nope not todaaaii
To to an ex : dun haaaaaaaave oneee!
Miss someone : YES!
Eat : duuuuuuuurrrrrrrr

Best feeling in the world : A comfy bed :)
Do you sleep with stuffed animals : they're scattered all over the place when i sleep xD
What's under your bed : DUST! and and and DARKNESS! xD
Who do you really hate : ............DANZO D<
What time is it now : 22:15!

5 things i was doing 10 years ago
1. when i was 6....................i was drawing on walls :D
2. i was pulling nana's ponytail whenever i passed her........ :D
3. i was dancing ballet...........
4. insulting aaron gumis about his height............ :D
5. playing jadi a lot.

5 things on my to-do list today
2. fail chem tomorrow
3. write that essay!
4. find new themes for my phoneee
5. /sparkl @ nana.

5 snacks i enjoy
1. KEROPOK. fullstop x)
2. French frieeess.
4. popcorn chicken!
5. nuggets :)

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire
1. buy every single book i've ever wanted!!!
2. um. not work?
3. charity...?
4. get nana off her butt and start her own company!
5. ........write a book.........?

5 of my bad habits
1. iProcrastinate
2. never sleep early
3. think too much
4. hug ppl too much
5. i very lazy person :D

5 places i have lived in
1. kuching
2. sarawak
3. malaysia
4. christchurch
5. the world

5 people i'm tagging is

what? :)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

you make me smile :)

I love you guys. ♥

Thanks so much for today :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

According to Me,

In a few decades from now, we will not live in the sky nor in space. We will live underwater.

Face it, we are progressing fast, but not fast enough to be able to stay airborne unless we have plenty of fuel to keep on going. Or unless we find / create a mineral that can hover in midair, and enough of that to sustain the population. But even in the sky, our troubles are still--we are running out of oxygen. However if we went underwater, we can remain in the buildings that have sunk and rely on trapped air pockets for air supply. And oxygen is still found in water.

Through evolution, perhaps we may be able to hold our breaths for a longer period of time, like whales. Blubbery blubber whales! I won't go so far as to say we will develope gills to filter oxygen from the water, although that would be srsly cool.

So perhaps mermaids did exist, but throughout the years they have become extinct and history is just repeating itself when we ourselves do become somewhat like the merpeople.

Or not where do all the legends originate from? There must be some truth in them, no matter how small it is.

Unless the people back in the days could really reeaally think far ahead, or they were just too bored and were way more creative and imaginative than we are since they had no tvs or computers.

. . . . . .

But anyways, if we were to live underwater, we will eventually develope webbed feet and hands through evolution. This is a must in order to be able to swim faster, with more powerful kicks to ensure safety, preservation and of course, to catch food.

Our eyes might also develope a layer over them to protect them from the salty waters. Ears, too, so that we can withstand the pressure. And our skin will take on a greenish hue to camouflage.

.........i see now why merpeople have big yellow eyes and green scaly skin.

Except the ones in Disney.

Or perhaps our humanity will split in half--one underwater, and one in the sky.

Those living in the skies will rely on high terrains and mountains. Our bones will become more hollow and lighter. Our eyes will have to be more keen and ears must be able to withstand THAt pressure up there too.

I don't think we'd develope feathers for wings, but perhaps the bones will elongate and skin will be stretched over the area........

Ah, like pterodactyls. Back to the Dinosaur era. Nature's ironic way of bringing them back through evolution. History history.

So fish and birds. flyingfish!!! Myths and Dinosaurs. Water and Air.

Pollution has both in its grasp. The waters are polluted. The air is polluted.

So even if we can no longer exist on earth and are forced to retreat into the waters/air, we'd still die because they both are being polluted as we speak. So unless we stop polluting and start conserving, we're doomed either way.

We're back at Square One.

Save the Earth.


Happy Birthday, myalmosttwin, Christine Ding! :D

u're awesome♥


Monday, February 15, 2010


i see you! :D

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

i lied. i don't see you. i'm sorry.

anyway, two updates in two days! homg! zomg! comg! tomg! gomg! momg!

yesyes, i know, i am amazing. sigh :)

LOL!jkjk xD

well anyways. Miss Susie made us write an essay the other day. It went something like this.

CLASS OF 4SC1: groans in loud despair!!!!!!
MISS SUSIE: I know! I am SO excited! :D
CLASS OF 4SC1: thinking, OMGNO
MISS SUSIE: It's GREAT to see such ENTHUSIASTIC students!!
CLASS OF 4SC1: noooooo teacher noooooooooooo!
MISS SUSIE: Look at all the ENTHUSIASM! I can't wait! :D
CLASS OF 4SC1: why can't we wait for after the holidays!?
CLASS OF 4SC1: Noooooooooooooooo!!

...yeah. something like that.

so, our topics.

  1. Friends

  2. Ends with, "If only I had listened to his/her advice."

  3. Describe the biggest challenge in your life.

  4. If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you be and why?

  5. My early years.

Alicia picked #1. I was in her first story of that. I am honoured. She loves me, I know she does :'D hehehehee♥

Josephine wants to do #2. I have no idea why :D

I picked #3! Cos it sounded fun, i have no idea why either :D

my thoughts on #4 and #5.

If I were given a chance to be anybody, I would be me because I am awesome. Duh.



My early years. When maths was actually still numbers.

Good ol' days.

Then this happened for #4.

MICHGOH: OMG! We should pick #4 and write, if i were given a chance to be anybody, i would be Miss Susie!
(cos that would mean mich gets extra marks LOLhahajkjk)
CHRISTINE: OMG! Then you can write, and if i were miss susie, i would give this essay 50/50!! AHAHAHAHAA
MICHGOH: YEAH!!!! we should so totally write that!!

conclusion: we are genius.

but in the end michgoh decided to write a tragic love story. she's determined to make miss susie cry. i salute her. hahahahaa.

but anyways, this is mine.

CHALLENGE 3: Describe the biggest challenge in your life.

And Another Day Goes By

The sun sets. The sun rises. Another day goes by. The wind blows. The trees sway. Another day goes by. The branches move. My window gets hit. Another day goes by. The sunlight streams in. The birds chirp. Another day goes by. I open my eyes. I cover my head with my pillow. Another day goes by. A knock on my door. My mother’s voice,

“CHRISTINE! WAKE UP! It’s 10 o’clock in the morning!”

…another day goes by.

How many days have gone by?

Not many. I think.

“Christine, wake up now! Dad wants to go out for brunch!”

Why, hello to you too mum!

“Open the door!”

How am I doing? Well, fine of course! Thanks for asking.

“I’m warning you…”

“Yes mum, I’m awake, I’m awake! I’m on my way to the bathroom as you speak! Watch me go, quick as a cat!”

The noise stops. I turn over, and go back to sleep.


People face many challenges every day of their lives. From tackling that pesky additional mathematics question, to feeding their vicious fish. It is tragic, I know. Even I, as unbelievably astounding as I am, am faced with challenges all the time! But I, being as unbelievably astounding as I am, can normally overcome them with triumph held high in my fist, standing on the mountain of victory, with waves of success splashing behind me as songs of achievement fill the air.

Except for one.

Just one tiny one. Okay, maybe not so tiny. Maybe just a small one. Slightly bigger than that. Considerably bigger. Bigger. Huge. Massive. Gargantuan.

All except that just one tiny-small-big-huge-massive-gargantuan challenge I have to face each and every morning. And no, it’s not my mother. It’s not something quite as simple as that, you see. But it’s alright, as I have realised everything in this world eventually comes to face a challenge. A very challenging challenge. Even animals! Although I would have to add in the fact that my dog’s biggest and most challenging challenge in his life is probably trying to find the cosiest spot to sleep in every day. He is a German Shepherd and his name is Fluff. He’s a dog, not a cat. But I digress.

This one hindrance crumbles my Mountain of Victory! The Waves of Success die down. The Songs of Achievement crackle, fade and is heard no more. And that Triumph held high in my Fist? Gone. Like the wind.

How can this be? It cannot be so! But I must admit, it is by far, the most Challenging Challenge of my Life. Really. It prevents me from accomplishing things. It prevents me from being a good daughter. It prevents me from being early. It prevents me from LIVING MY LIFE. It is that bad. Truly and really. Really and truly.

You must all be wondering right about now…what is this challenge? What is this tiny-small-big-huge-massive-gargantuan challenge? What is this most challenging challenge that prevents me from living my life as it ought to be lived? What is this monstrosity of a challenge?

I am sorry, I do not know how to tell you. My hand cannot write any further. I am trembling as I write. It is too traumatising. But, no! I must persevere. I can do this. I will do this.

“CHRISTINE! It’s already 11:30 a.m.! WHY ARE YOU STILL NOT READY?”

I groan and blearily rub my eyes.

“Christine Ling Jern Sze! Don’t make me go in there!”

I have a confession to make. My biggest and most challenging challenge of my life… is waking up in the morning.

“I’m coming in right now!”

“Nooo, mum! I’m ready, I’m ready!”

And another day goes by.


© Christine Ling, Feb 2010.

i know. it's boring. and strangely, SHORT! hahahahaa i'm sorry. i got lazy. too bad :p hahaha!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

wah! 125th post!

my school's age this year! wahwahwah.

anyways i'm just posting cos i'm bored and i feel bad. blog's so dead. this reminds me of my very first post.

as in, why do i even HAVE a blog?

school these days aren't so interesting anymo. i miss my lardy nana and my crazy cow betsy. somehow the class ain't so noisy anymo.

altho i love allybean's green notebook. i agree when she said it's the best thing she's started all year.

durr ally, durrr. smartest thing, too.

dun worry i ♥ u still!

i shall write that in it next time.

i like taking it and filling it with random nonsense (that are all facts, btw. eg, Christine Ling is a genius--fact of life).

and now since i've just recently bought neon stickynotepapers i like writing my initials on them and sticking them everywhere.

i am not an egotist.

that's Miss Susie.

alicia taught us a new thing which her cousin taught her.

her cousin is so cool, btw. unlikealicia

it's called........

The Awkward Turtle.

well this is awkward.


oh ya. last thursday we had a bible test. all of us came early that day for some reason, but the doors were still locked so we had to stand out there.

the boys gathered around one spot and studied.




while me and mich leaned on each other a few steps away, thinking, "There is something wrong with this picture."

and we always thought girls were more studious x)

well truthfully when me and mich first came we were like OMG study! but after a while we just went aaaahh screw this. bro loves us more anyway ;)


then after a while, i asked,

CHRISTINE: this how you guys study for exams?
GUMIS: ...nah. we don't study for normal exams.

proof that bro albi is scary.

really scary.


then we went in and bro albi was like, "This test will determine whether you stay....or not." And he smiled.



and me and mich were like shitwe'rescrewed


but it was.......ok.

i hope.

oh yes! btw, Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

and it shall be PINK!!

oh yes. hot bright pink. soft baby pink. PINK. cos right. cos......well. it's exactly 12:00am and suddenly i feel like writing one of those overly bimbo girly girl posts.


so let's starttttt.

but bout what.



omg lyke HAI dere. 2day was lyke SOoOOOOoOOoOoO totally radically awesomely FANTABULOUSLY FUN!

bcoz lyke we gt our new lyke tymetabel 4 the form 4s! lucky me, i dropped est and accounts so i don haf 2 stay bak!!!!!! I NOE RITE. it's so dizzying!

den rite, we started our lyke PREFECT DUTIES 2dai! omg! i noe!! lyke, omg! i'm in lyke, class supervision! it has lyke SoOoooOOOOoOooOo many other prefectssss! i bet all the other units must be lyke, jealous or something. L. O. L.

nah i'm just lyke, kidding! HEEHEE.

bt at d same tyme it wasn't all that fun cos we got lyke SooOOOoOOoOo much hw 2dey! i mean lyke, who gives us karangan, maths (MATHS OK MATHS! LYKE, WHATEVER!), sejarah (ewwwwww), and biology on the same dei!? ugh! was SO not fantabulous.

i want pink headphones. like xia xue's pink room. it's SO fantabulous, i can't even use fantabulous to describe it cos it's just WAY too fantabulous. i mean. lyke, fantabulous, much? she's so fantabulous it's not even fantabulously funny.

well dat's all 4rm me tooodaiii. BABAAI! XOXO BABY CHRISSY LOVES U! MUAKS! XOXO! HUGS AND KISSES! SMOOCH! TOODLES! lipglossing off,

~*~(fantabulously cute-sified version of christine)~*~

ok i give up it sucks writing that way SAVE ME. offense to anyone who DOES write that way. not trying to start anythin'. honestly thought it'd be fun to just try it :D HEHEH.

but srsly. i want pink headphones. aaaahahahahahhaa!

and i like maths. eheh.

i'm taking bible and literature, not est and accounts. oh yeahh. 12:45 everyday is a good thing.

i think one of my nails is chipped.

.........i shud have written something like, "OMG I LIKE BROKE A NAIL LIKE OMG I'M NEVER TYPING EVER AGAIN OMG!"

i wan more books. bring me to bookstore somebody.

and no amyvoon, i don't mean ur calculator when i say "somebody" :p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

just some memories

sometime last year, we decided to have a...whatdyucallit. an...undead family. oh yes.

ALICIA ENG: mutated (radioactive) gigantic worm

AMY VOON: troll! xD

AUDREY JONG: skeleton --> The Grim Reaper *scary music*



CLARISSA CHAI: The Mummy. The wrapped up in bandages one.

ELEENA BAKRIE: ...ghost. she so white. lol! xD


EVELYN EU: werewolf!

MICHELLE GOH: vampire --> CountESS Dracula

MICHELLE TING: Haunted Scarecrow

PAN EU FERN: the BLOB (......our vacuum ;D)


and we aren't ALL that scary...

SABRINA KU: leprechaun! xD lol!

VALERIE NG: .......our garden gnome :D

and last but not least, our madcrazyinsane cow bent on world domination.........


yeah we have a cow. got a problem with it?! she mows our lawn ok (eats it). HAHHAAHA xD

i know i know it's like we're this supercooldeadly family of the Undead and suddenly...

we have a cow. and a garden gnome. and a leprechaun.



US: What should mirah be hor..
MIRAH: busy doing something else [mumble] moomoonmmm [mumble]
MIRAH: ...........
MIRAH: Wait, what?
US: WAHAHAHAHAH she said okay she said okay!!
MIRAH: ....umm....moo?

'twas meant to be.

then she went into denial mode.

MIRAH: I am the magnificent! I am the all-powerful! I will rule the world!
NANA: I am SO scared!
NANA: And she produces dairy products.
NANA: I am EVEN MORE scared!!
MIRAH: Do not insult the magnificent!

not too long later,
MIRAH: walks past
NANA: omg, what is that THING!?
MIRAH: turns sharply MOO. stalks off

and just LOOK at vallyboo and sabku.


'nuff said.

so well anyway. We, the superlycoolundeadly Undead Family live in this huuuuuge mansion with 8 wings, 1 for each of us (the mummy the werewolf the banshee the vampire the grimreaper the zombie the ghost the hauntedscarecrow) as,

the troll guards the bridge over our moat leading to the castlemansion,

the leprechaun likes to dance over that (eerie) rainbow over our castlemansion (think waltz disney kids!),

the blob blobs around the whole mansion (including the walls),

the shadow stalks the whole house too,

the mutated worm hides in the earth in our massive gigantic garden,

the garden gnome DECORATES our otherwise dull massive gigantic garden,

and our cow mows our lawn.

...i know, it's perfect, isn't it? :'D

we even have this little kitty gnome door installed in our big gigantic door so that the gnome can come in (sometimes!) :DDD

we care, u see. oh yes.

oh, oh! and we have a deal about killin' humans u see!

First they are drawn by the eerie rainbow and gold from the leprechaun and will cross over the bridge, only to be confronted by our troll! she'll grab one for herself as the rest quickly run over to the safety of our massive gigantic garden cos they would feel reassured by the little garden gnome in our otherwise dull massive gigantic garden.

they would trust the gnome as they would ignore the cow with the mad evil glint in its eye, chewing on grass maniacally.

then our little garden gnome will crawl through her little door, making the humans follow her into our lair castlemansion.

the shadow locks the door.

the ghost starts haunting.

the haunted scarecrow starts moving.

the mummy stumbles and trips the humans.

the humans scream, attracting........the banshee.

the banshee then enters, smiles, and screams.

the humans die, obviously.

the zombie gets the brains.

the vampire gets the blood.

the werewolf gets the meat.

the grim reaper gets the soul.

the demoness gets another slave.

the mutated worm gets the cadaver.

& the blob gets the remains.

everyone plays a part of our deadly Haunted House.

...............ooh. (;

anyway, that was all last year.

this year, it's...............heheh.

so today marks the start of new titles to our names,

Cool Blue Sky! Mirah Amin

Fresh Green Tree! ChrisItalictine Ling

Hot Red Fire! Nana Bakrie

Dirty Black Hole! Mich Goh

Bright Yellow Sun! Al Eng

Silent Brown Wood! Chooey...Choo?

Pure White Snow! Fern Pan

Shiny Silver Spoon! Drey Jong

less scary!

i know, i know. u wish u were us ;) sue us. we were BORED OK x) heheeee

and SO FAR, the story goes SOMETHING LIKE THIS:

the pure white snow falls from the cool blue sky and onto the fresh green tree in the silent brown wood(s) but is soon melted by the bright yellow sun as it wishes it could be like the shiny silver spoon in the distance, not melting, but then it catches a spark and sets off the hot red fire and soon all that's left is the dirty black hole, an empty vacuum.

sounds depressing.