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Sunday, July 26, 2009

the super long card

so who IS it THIS time?


SO. do you know who this post is about yet? ;D

so smile, cos...


YES, it's HER birthday!!! :D

we got her this superkickasslong card thanks to VAL! cos she's superkickass too xD hahahaa!

and of course we all still remember her euffie board (:

you see fern. THAT's how much we love you ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

welcome to the club!

this post is dedicated to none other than our very own (first) mummykins of our class! x)

we aaaaaaall know who THAT is, right? ;)


I don't know if you even read my blog or not, but this is to you, because we love you TOO! :D

you never really could control us tho ;) LOL!jkjk xD

welcome to the Land of the (even) Older, sweetheart! You're officially in the club now ;) haha!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

THE Food & Fun Fair 09

well, first it started off with the PREPARATIONS ;)

inside our class,


faces, faces,

then up in the hall,

(i know, i know, this one has issues, but i'm too lazy to reedit and reupload so too bad :p hehe!)

then back in our class,

THEN THE NEXT DAY, the real Food and Fun Fair!

presenting, the FOOOOOD :D
(but obviously not AAALL xD)

getting ready,

then more people start comin in,

we're workin' hard x)

all in all, we had work shifts, lots of coupons, laughter, sweat, games, friends, flowers, cameras, picnics and many memories this day. (:

you know you wished you were there x)

SEE YOU IN 2011!

p/s: i know some of the slideshows of the pics are like pixelized and smaller than some, but blame photobucket. they resized it ):

and today was super special as well, cos it's was SOMEONE'S birthday! ;)

Happy Birthday, SHARON DADDYKINS MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
we love you lots lots lots lots lotsl sltsokfoawksldkawojdv c---
...........LOTS x)