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Saturday, February 20, 2010

you make me smile :)

I love you guys. ♥

Thanks so much for today :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

According to Me,

In a few decades from now, we will not live in the sky nor in space. We will live underwater.

Face it, we are progressing fast, but not fast enough to be able to stay airborne unless we have plenty of fuel to keep on going. Or unless we find / create a mineral that can hover in midair, and enough of that to sustain the population. But even in the sky, our troubles are still--we are running out of oxygen. However if we went underwater, we can remain in the buildings that have sunk and rely on trapped air pockets for air supply. And oxygen is still found in water.

Through evolution, perhaps we may be able to hold our breaths for a longer period of time, like whales. Blubbery blubber whales! I won't go so far as to say we will develope gills to filter oxygen from the water, although that would be srsly cool.

So perhaps mermaids did exist, but throughout the years they have become extinct and history is just repeating itself when we ourselves do become somewhat like the merpeople.

Or not where do all the legends originate from? There must be some truth in them, no matter how small it is.

Unless the people back in the days could really reeaally think far ahead, or they were just too bored and were way more creative and imaginative than we are since they had no tvs or computers.

. . . . . .

But anyways, if we were to live underwater, we will eventually develope webbed feet and hands through evolution. This is a must in order to be able to swim faster, with more powerful kicks to ensure safety, preservation and of course, to catch food.

Our eyes might also develope a layer over them to protect them from the salty waters. Ears, too, so that we can withstand the pressure. And our skin will take on a greenish hue to camouflage.

.........i see now why merpeople have big yellow eyes and green scaly skin.

Except the ones in Disney.

Or perhaps our humanity will split in half--one underwater, and one in the sky.

Those living in the skies will rely on high terrains and mountains. Our bones will become more hollow and lighter. Our eyes will have to be more keen and ears must be able to withstand THAt pressure up there too.

I don't think we'd develope feathers for wings, but perhaps the bones will elongate and skin will be stretched over the area........

Ah, like pterodactyls. Back to the Dinosaur era. Nature's ironic way of bringing them back through evolution. History history.

So fish and birds. flyingfish!!! Myths and Dinosaurs. Water and Air.

Pollution has both in its grasp. The waters are polluted. The air is polluted.

So even if we can no longer exist on earth and are forced to retreat into the waters/air, we'd still die because they both are being polluted as we speak. So unless we stop polluting and start conserving, we're doomed either way.

We're back at Square One.

Save the Earth.


Happy Birthday, myalmosttwin, Christine Ding! :D

u're awesome♥


Monday, February 15, 2010


i see you! :D

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

i lied. i don't see you. i'm sorry.

anyway, two updates in two days! homg! zomg! comg! tomg! gomg! momg!

yesyes, i know, i am amazing. sigh :)

LOL!jkjk xD

well anyways. Miss Susie made us write an essay the other day. It went something like this.

CLASS OF 4SC1: groans in loud despair!!!!!!
MISS SUSIE: I know! I am SO excited! :D
CLASS OF 4SC1: thinking, OMGNO
MISS SUSIE: It's GREAT to see such ENTHUSIASTIC students!!
CLASS OF 4SC1: noooooo teacher noooooooooooo!
MISS SUSIE: Look at all the ENTHUSIASM! I can't wait! :D
CLASS OF 4SC1: why can't we wait for after the holidays!?
CLASS OF 4SC1: Noooooooooooooooo!!

...yeah. something like that.

so, our topics.

  1. Friends

  2. Ends with, "If only I had listened to his/her advice."

  3. Describe the biggest challenge in your life.

  4. If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you be and why?

  5. My early years.

Alicia picked #1. I was in her first story of that. I am honoured. She loves me, I know she does :'D hehehehee♥

Josephine wants to do #2. I have no idea why :D

I picked #3! Cos it sounded fun, i have no idea why either :D

my thoughts on #4 and #5.

If I were given a chance to be anybody, I would be me because I am awesome. Duh.



My early years. When maths was actually still numbers.

Good ol' days.

Then this happened for #4.

MICHGOH: OMG! We should pick #4 and write, if i were given a chance to be anybody, i would be Miss Susie!
(cos that would mean mich gets extra marks LOLhahajkjk)
CHRISTINE: OMG! Then you can write, and if i were miss susie, i would give this essay 50/50!! AHAHAHAHAA
MICHGOH: YEAH!!!! we should so totally write that!!

conclusion: we are genius.

but in the end michgoh decided to write a tragic love story. she's determined to make miss susie cry. i salute her. hahahahaa.

but anyways, this is mine.

CHALLENGE 3: Describe the biggest challenge in your life.

And Another Day Goes By

The sun sets. The sun rises. Another day goes by. The wind blows. The trees sway. Another day goes by. The branches move. My window gets hit. Another day goes by. The sunlight streams in. The birds chirp. Another day goes by. I open my eyes. I cover my head with my pillow. Another day goes by. A knock on my door. My mother’s voice,

“CHRISTINE! WAKE UP! It’s 10 o’clock in the morning!”

…another day goes by.

How many days have gone by?

Not many. I think.

“Christine, wake up now! Dad wants to go out for brunch!”

Why, hello to you too mum!

“Open the door!”

How am I doing? Well, fine of course! Thanks for asking.

“I’m warning you…”

“Yes mum, I’m awake, I’m awake! I’m on my way to the bathroom as you speak! Watch me go, quick as a cat!”

The noise stops. I turn over, and go back to sleep.


People face many challenges every day of their lives. From tackling that pesky additional mathematics question, to feeding their vicious fish. It is tragic, I know. Even I, as unbelievably astounding as I am, am faced with challenges all the time! But I, being as unbelievably astounding as I am, can normally overcome them with triumph held high in my fist, standing on the mountain of victory, with waves of success splashing behind me as songs of achievement fill the air.

Except for one.

Just one tiny one. Okay, maybe not so tiny. Maybe just a small one. Slightly bigger than that. Considerably bigger. Bigger. Huge. Massive. Gargantuan.

All except that just one tiny-small-big-huge-massive-gargantuan challenge I have to face each and every morning. And no, it’s not my mother. It’s not something quite as simple as that, you see. But it’s alright, as I have realised everything in this world eventually comes to face a challenge. A very challenging challenge. Even animals! Although I would have to add in the fact that my dog’s biggest and most challenging challenge in his life is probably trying to find the cosiest spot to sleep in every day. He is a German Shepherd and his name is Fluff. He’s a dog, not a cat. But I digress.

This one hindrance crumbles my Mountain of Victory! The Waves of Success die down. The Songs of Achievement crackle, fade and is heard no more. And that Triumph held high in my Fist? Gone. Like the wind.

How can this be? It cannot be so! But I must admit, it is by far, the most Challenging Challenge of my Life. Really. It prevents me from accomplishing things. It prevents me from being a good daughter. It prevents me from being early. It prevents me from LIVING MY LIFE. It is that bad. Truly and really. Really and truly.

You must all be wondering right about now…what is this challenge? What is this tiny-small-big-huge-massive-gargantuan challenge? What is this most challenging challenge that prevents me from living my life as it ought to be lived? What is this monstrosity of a challenge?

I am sorry, I do not know how to tell you. My hand cannot write any further. I am trembling as I write. It is too traumatising. But, no! I must persevere. I can do this. I will do this.

“CHRISTINE! It’s already 11:30 a.m.! WHY ARE YOU STILL NOT READY?”

I groan and blearily rub my eyes.

“Christine Ling Jern Sze! Don’t make me go in there!”

I have a confession to make. My biggest and most challenging challenge of my life… is waking up in the morning.

“I’m coming in right now!”

“Nooo, mum! I’m ready, I’m ready!”

And another day goes by.


© Christine Ling, Feb 2010.

i know. it's boring. and strangely, SHORT! hahahahaa i'm sorry. i got lazy. too bad :p hahaha!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

wah! 125th post!

my school's age this year! wahwahwah.

anyways i'm just posting cos i'm bored and i feel bad. blog's so dead. this reminds me of my very first post.

as in, why do i even HAVE a blog?

school these days aren't so interesting anymo. i miss my lardy nana and my crazy cow betsy. somehow the class ain't so noisy anymo.

altho i love allybean's green notebook. i agree when she said it's the best thing she's started all year.

durr ally, durrr. smartest thing, too.

dun worry i ♥ u still!

i shall write that in it next time.

i like taking it and filling it with random nonsense (that are all facts, btw. eg, Christine Ling is a genius--fact of life).

and now since i've just recently bought neon stickynotepapers i like writing my initials on them and sticking them everywhere.

i am not an egotist.

that's Miss Susie.

alicia taught us a new thing which her cousin taught her.

her cousin is so cool, btw. unlikealicia

it's called........

The Awkward Turtle.

well this is awkward.


oh ya. last thursday we had a bible test. all of us came early that day for some reason, but the doors were still locked so we had to stand out there.

the boys gathered around one spot and studied.




while me and mich leaned on each other a few steps away, thinking, "There is something wrong with this picture."

and we always thought girls were more studious x)

well truthfully when me and mich first came we were like OMG study! but after a while we just went aaaahh screw this. bro loves us more anyway ;)


then after a while, i asked,

CHRISTINE: this how you guys study for exams?
GUMIS: ...nah. we don't study for normal exams.

proof that bro albi is scary.

really scary.


then we went in and bro albi was like, "This test will determine whether you stay....or not." And he smiled.



and me and mich were like shitwe'rescrewed


but it was.......ok.

i hope.

oh yes! btw, Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! :D