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Saturday, February 28, 2009

in desperate times...

if i balanced a reference book on top of my head, will gravity pull the information down into my brain?

Friday, February 27, 2009

i tried to study. really.

I love form two sejarah. Form three okay i guess. Form one Shit.
I like form 1 bab 1. No need to study at all<3 i hates form 2.
Why you guys all so weird! Even mich hates form 2. ;o;
Have you ever thought that maybe You're the weird one? ;D I mean, so banyak perjanjians you know!
NEVER. Wanna die. Hate exams. Studying but i'm still online! Yay me!
I WANNA GO D: but everytime my mum sees me outside the room, she asks me sweetly, ' much have you studied?' /SHOT. i have taken to staring out of my window and counting the leaves and flowers on the plant outside my bloody window. HOW SAD IS THAT. (it has about 17 flowers fyi)
You sad creature. Almost pathetic in fact. Maybe you could take up a career in counting potatoes for a living. And in your free time you could count the baby potatoes sticking out of the big daddy potatoes! Isn't that great?! Then the flowers outside your window would be SO jealous.
Don't forget the leaves too! Tho I kinda stopped counting them after I got dizzy cos too much green ):
Oh YES. The leaves would be GREEN with envy. Jealousy is such a bitch.
OMIGOSH. No WONDER they looked so GREEN!! Nanamon, you're a genius :)
Yes keep praising slave and maybe i will feed you this week. HEHE.
;A; CATFISH. Meow-swish! :D

exams does things to you.

1 Little
2 Little
3 Little

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


i will not go online.
i will not go online
i will not go online
i will not go online
i will not go inline
i will not go online
i will not go online
i will not go online

...too late.

hel-lo, youtube.

since I'm already online, I might as well re-wish it

//just realised i left this as a draft *headdesk*

We burst into a chorus of song right as she walked into view!


we are now old together-gether wan (:

it's ash wednesday, ouuuch

I hope you had a great day with yummy cake! (:

and you really need to get fatter. hahas.

Friday, February 20, 2009

i kept forgetting it was today

i don't feel fifteen.

i don't have anything else to say, except thank you so so so much and I love you guys so so so much and you have rendered me a goldfish--capable only of opening and closing the mouth wordlessly. srsly. I wasn't expecting anything.

thanks everyone. it means lots to me (:

my friends are the best

as for the rest,

Happy Birthday, Adeline Jong, the other Adeline (Liaw?), and aunty Ceceily Voon! :DDD

20/02 is SO COOL.

you know you secretly want a birthday today too ;D

Thursday, February 19, 2009

and it suddenly dawns upon us

well, actually, just her (:


aaaaaaahahahaa you're older than me nowwwwwwww (:


seeeeeee a post fully dedicated to just you! gasp!

oh and what dyu think of a 6M reunion?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i've stopped caring--i'm going childish mode.

You're picking a fight with us, aren't you.

Note to all: this is just to those involved. Those who aren't involved... I wish I were you.

We never did anything wrong to you--hell, we even HELPED you!--and yet you sabotage us.

We thought of you as friends.

Thanks for being so grateful.

You're lucky you haven't been that way in front of me just yet. They're more forgiving than I.

You forget, I hardly have a heart, I have no mercy and I don't freaking care.

I don't care which one you're specifically targetting, I'm part of the same class. We're all in this together.

Idiots, all of you that freaking started this.

Operation Bitch, is definitely a go.

Just try me. You want war? I'll give you war. If you think I'm angry, you haven't seen angry yet.

I hope you're happy and satisfied with your lack of brain cells.

See you guys tomorrow in bitch school.

Monday, February 16, 2009

show-off post

'cos i realised that's really all this (and the other book posts) is. Show-off posts. Thus, I shall proceed to show-off.

Managed to sneak enter MPH. Bought The Moorchild and The Siren Song and some cute little Learn Your Alphabet/Maths books for my nephew Linus his smile makes me smile♥


Since I ended the show-off part, I say this: somehow I'm still buying them books, but my mum has been rampasing all of them and will keep them hidden till my exams are over. So woe is me. Running out of books to read since my laptop's officially out of my room. I thought maybe I'll start writing stories then (less distractions), but it hasn't happened yet and I doubt it'll happen anytime soon.

Saw more books I wanted (there was one in which I believe the main character suffers from asperger's syndrome--that's new! i wanted it so much) but mum, again, went all raawr on me.

7th March--can't you come any faster?

Dad and brother are disgruntled that I scored higher than them in Bro Albi's class. They both told me (when I told them at different times), "Brother must be senile!! "
They're so cute.
My dad even added a small, "i dun wanna kiss you liau."


I found out that the Wright and Wong Mystery Series are going out of print.
Benjamin Orville Wright was--IS love.

I want a new camera.

I want the photos from Alicia.

I'll take your camera if you don't want it Al.

It's being held hostage.


that's it. I've lost my point. I've forgotten what I wanted to say. BYES.



Ah, yes, *now* I remember!

If you ask me what I want for my birthday, I'll tell you this,

I want the sun to shine.
I want the wind to forever blow.
I want to hear the sound of flowing water.
I want rain to bless all the lands.
I want to see green when I look out of the window, not a barren land of brown.
I want to see blue when I look up at the sky, not a cloudy grey.
I want the soil to forever remain in a perfect condition for planting.
I want turtles to still exist in a hundred years time.
I want the elephants not to be mistreated the way they are in Thailand.
I want Malaysia to forever remain free.
I want the World to be uncorrupted.
I want us to live peacefully, not in a world where robbers roam the corners, or where the nagging fear of being murdered lingers.
I want to keep believing in God.
I want you to be happy.
I want you to find your future.
I want the best for you.
And in God, I want you to keep believing too.

Thank you. I love you all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Shadow's Masquerade

The title--it just looked cool, okay?


because I love him

because the song is The Final Countdown

BECAUSE I'm on the recycling team this year.


Random thoughts that have stayed in my mind:

it's Friday the 13th~~~~~


can you tell i'm not superstitious?

piccolo makes my ears and teeth hurt.

this post's title actually makes a brilliant title for a story.

i'm writing a story with an asylum in it! :D


well not really D:

i actually planned to play a piano song for V-day, but decided not to since it sounds so sad eventhough it's supposedly a love song.

Maybe the love died or something. Ahahahs.

It's called First Love by Steven Cravis.

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. DRAGONFLIES.

Cinda Williams Chima has made it to my 3rd favourite author!

I love how she writes (too).

During sports meet, in Connaughton...
KHER CHING: AH. YOU [points to valerie] and YOU [points to christine]. Join ah!
KHER CHING: OKAY! [flips pages to 1500m race, empty] YOU, YOU, join 1500!! OKAY!
KHER CHING (happily scribbling down Valerie and Christine's names): You (valerie) very small, can run very fast!
CHRISTINE: ...But I haven't run in like, 4 years!!
KHER CHING: Exactly why YOU must run!

note to self: next connaughton meeting, avoid Ng Kher Ching♥.

that being said, I am now in the list for the 1500m race, and to throw that diskette thing-thing. Grahhhh. Hopefully I fail the tryouts. Stamina = ded. DED.

sadly note, my laptop is finally *really* out of my room D:

yeah. really random.

i hate posts like this. what's the bloody point?

Monday, February 9, 2009

what more can i say?

I daresay my big brother is the best big brother in the universe!

He and my sister (who is currently in anzac) bought me.... *drumroll*

UN LUN DUN by China Miéville and If You're Reading This, It's TOO LATE by Pseudonymous Bosch!!

I think they both cost RM112. HEARTS MY BROTHER (went all the way to Spring just to get them♥)

Parents bought me this black playboy T-shirt tho. I think it cost quite a bomb, but it's cute :D Wahahahahs. Love them all.

Note to all friends: though it does make me immensely happy, you guys need not purchase any sort of thing for my birthday. i'm not trying to be perasan, but srsly. there's no need. a simple wish is adequate. you hear me!?

on to them tags! -charges forward-

...don't give me that face. I know what you're thinking. "ANOTHER TAG!?? *exasperated SIGH of utter doom*"

wait, you weren't thinking that?'d YOU know, huh!? psh. anyways, blame theeem.


01. Akasuna no Sasori
02. Artemis Fowl
03. Gray Fullbuster
04. Hakuren Oak (the one with the scissors ;D)
05. Kanda Yuu
06. Mitchell Davis (photos)
07. Yoshina Ageha
*arranged alphabetically

How do you know 01?
01. Akasuna no Sasori : Through Naruto.

What would you do if you never met 02?
02. Artemis Fowl : I don't even want to think about it.

What would you do if 03 and 04 dated you?
03. Gray Fullbuster and 04. Hakuren Oak : omgomgomgomgomg-fans self, swoons and faints-

Would 05 and 06 make a good couple?
05. Kanda Yuu and 06. Mitchell Davis : NOOOO THEY MIIINEEEE

Do you think 04 is attractive?
04. Hakuren Oak : hell yeah ;)

Do you know anything about 01's family?
01. Akasuna no Sasori : Yeah! His graaaaandmama (:

Tell me something about 07.
07. Yoshina Ageha : He's cooler than you.

What language does 02 speak?
02. Artemis Fowl : English, Gnommish, Russian, French and lots more.

Who is 03 going out with?
03. Gray Fullbuster : no one (but not for long ;D)

How old is 05?
05. Kanda Yuu : 18 years! (his birthday is also 6th June, his height is 175cm, his weight is 61kg, and no, I don't stalk him at all, his sign is---)

When was the last time you talked to 01?
01. Akasuna no Sasori : ;______________; Don't ask me depressing questions.

Who is 06's favourite singer?
06. Mitchell Davis : Not sure. He listens to LOADS and TONS of music lyke omg.

Would you date 07?
07. Yoshina Ageha : Durrrr ;)

Is 06 single?
06. Mitchell Davis : I think so! (and i certainly hope so)

What is 05's last name?
05. Kanda Yuu : Kanda.

Would you consider being in a relationship with 01?
01. Akasuna no Sasori : As long as he doesn't kill me and make me his puppet yeah :D

Which school does 02 go to?
02. Artemis Fowl : Saint Bartleby's School for Young Gentlemen (no, i don't stalk him either :D)

What do you like about 03?
03. Gray Fullbuster : *FANGIRLISH DREAMY SIGH* i couldn't possibly list them down


The rules:
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

  1. I think I'm actually quite the romantic at heart. Hmm.

  2. I kinda made a promise to myself not to study before my birthday.

  3. Which makes me stupid, doesn't it? :D

  4. I support idiotism.

  5. Okay, maybe not. That just applies to myself.

  6. Yes, I'm a hypocrite. What'cha gonna do, hypocriticise me? ;D (is that even a word?)

  7. When I was younger, I used to mix up/combine words a lot. Like, mimick and immitate became mimitate and I used to think adulthood was adultery. Whoops? (:

  8. When I was younger, I also used to climb everything and anything. The grills on the door of my previous house, window grills, car doors, dad, brother, tables, anything! My parents used to joke that I thought I was Spiderman. /wall.

  9. I like biting things -grin-

  10. I love the sound of flowing water♥

  11. If you haven't noticed, I've started adding the letter 's' to a lot of my words. Like hahas, byes, nights, yous, cyas, and a lot of other things especially when I feel like it :D

  12. I'm rather lame myself.

  13. I find it very weird to finally be able to turn to the form 3 section of my form 1-3 reference books.

  14. I do things like this during tuition:

  15. my raccoon's adorable! (raccoon, not bear, not bear!)

    don't you agree? :3

    teacher is diligently explaining!

    michelle is paying rapt attention!

    would you look at that. eleena too!

    and what is christine doing??

    why, these of course!

    cos my raccoon and pen (both given/stolen from eleena) are so cute.

  16. ...when I grow up, I wanna be a SHEEP. BAAA.

  17. Oh, sorry, I meant MEEEEH.

  18. No, I don't have an identity crisis. Nor a species crisis. Really.

  19. I have this silly little thought that if you wear something sweet to sleep (like a super sweet-smelling lotion), ants will come and eat you .___________.

  20. I hate thinking cos normally when I think, I think too much. And then I get annoyed D:

  21. I am neutral about lots of things cos, heck, I'm afraid of losing too (: so if I'm neutral, I never have to admit I was wrong, cos I was being neutral! muhuhu.

  22. ...If I were a cow, I'd go "MOO".

  23. I'm not high.

  24. I'm actually really low. *sinks down in chair* LOWWWWWWWWWWW :D

  25. No, I don't know what I'm on (you can't have it!!).

  26. I'm itchy. *scratch* BYEEEESSS.


The Rules: Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.
Then your own comment below.
Tag 5 people.

01: Your name?
→ Christine
A deity; the best person to be in your corner; unlimited power and potential; a muse; someone that can change your life. Someone that takes your side even when you're wrong; soulmate; kismet; fortuitous; serendipity
If I only had Christine, I could do anything!

*You hear that? ;)
Christine from the word Christian, also from the Greek word Christos.
My name is Christine! With an 'E' not Christina with an 'A'! Why do people always call me the one with the 'A'.

*-tears up- You understand how I feel!
1983 movie about the car that came alive and tore shit up. killed tons of people, and was an overall badass.
Hell hath no Christine.

*it's actually based on the book by Stephen King, "Christine". The car, Christine, killed people who got into her except her "master"/owner. Muhuhu.

02: Age?
→ Fourteen years, twelve months and eleven days.
Fourteen years, twelve months and eleven days isn't defined yet.


03: One of your friends?

→ Doraemon
The cutest kitty in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doraemon is cuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeee

*chyeah, with no ears to boot, too.

04: Favourite colour?
→ Purple
Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.
Yo, you gotta come over and smoke, boy! I got the purple!

*omg i will never look at purple the same way again

05: Birthplace?
→ Kuching
The capital of Sarawak, Kuching is is the 4th largest urban area in Malaysia and with probably the best quality of life. It is a beautiful, green, laid-back city with non racist people (comprised of mostly Chinese, then Malays and Dayaks)- which is a like far-away dream in most parts of Malaysia. Most only 'learnt how to become' racist after staying for some time in West Malaysia. Intermarriage especially among the Chinese and Dayaks are common. Kuching has the best of both worlds - the facilities of a modern city and the strong community ties of a small town. In short, Kuching is a wonderful place to live in but a mindnumbingly boring place for tourists.

Contrary to what quite a lot of West Malaysians think, Kuching people are not uneducated and 'ulu'. The fact is most Kuchingites can speak better English then them. Kuching also ranks as the no. 2 highest average household income.

Most Kuchingites have the same hobby - eating. This is why there are so many kopitiams over here. Our most famous foods are the kolo mee, laksa Sarawak, kacangma and midin belacan.

Kuching is developing at a very pace rapid pace and this is not neccesarily a good thing. Rising crime, traffic jams, several new malls, and more coming soon might turn Kuching into another unlivable metropolis. Currently however, crime and traffic are still much better than in other large cities in Malaysia.

Noooo.. Kuching, you're beautiful just the way you are! Don't grow up too fast! T_T

Kuchingite driving around: Haiyo why Kuching so boring one no place to go one? All the same things nia.

Another Kuchingite: Nevermind la. Can go eat again lor.

*why so long wan.

06: Birthmonth?
→ February
February is the best month of the year. Its still nice and cold and snowy, but you know that spring is just around the corner if you're tired of all the bad weather. February is also the most unique month. 28 days long,(unless its every four years on a 'leap' year)
Valentines day is also in February. (the fourteenth)It's a fun holiday named after St. Valentine, and it's for cute happy couples. Many single or unhappy peope celebrate the anti Valentines day, ie. Singles awareness day.

People born in February are without a doubt the Cutest, Smartest, and Funniest set of people. If you are born after the 20th, you are also a PICES. This is the best Zodiac sign.

"Kristy is so cute! Shes nice too! How did she get so purfect and talented?"
"She was born in February"

"Eight days till march!"
"No. Nine days till march."
"*shakes head* Silly- this year is a leap year!"

*somehow, I get the vibe that this definition was probably written by someone born in February.

07: Last person you talked to?
→ Benjamin
short or slang expression for a 100(hundred)-dollar-bill 'cause Benjamin Franklin's face is on the front side of it
what is in this bag?--it's full of benjamins!

*whoa, my brother is made of moolah!

08: One of your nicknames?
→ Izzy
a sexy girl also who goes by the name of izzy,herb,isobel,bell,bella.
wow that girl was a real foxy izzy!

*but but but that originated like this: Christine → chrIStine → Issy → Izzy!! and herb!? DOTS.

Those unlucky ones:
01. Amy
02. Michelle G.
03. Tsing Yu
04. Samantha
05. Ai Rahn

happy researching! ;D