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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dislike Buttons

I can't see how shallow some people are, demanding for a dislike button on facebook.

Do they not truly realise how many people use facebook? How many of them who are less confident, more insecure and certainly more suicidal than the average human being? And how many more mean people exist on the same social networking website?

Imagine if facebook did have a Dislike button. And most of the people on someone's friends list did not like him/her and disliked nearly everything s/he did on facebook. Even the most confident of people would suffer a major drop in self-esteem.

It's not a nice feeling to know you're disliked.

A lot more people will become suicidal.

It's not a nice feeling to know you've helped someone kill oneself either.

The number of cons greatly outweigh the pros of having a dislike button which can be used on pages such as "WAR".

Don't let Facebook become a cyberbully website so easily.

Stay off the dislike button.