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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

and it shall be PINK!!

oh yes. hot bright pink. soft baby pink. PINK. cos right. cos......well. it's exactly 12:00am and suddenly i feel like writing one of those overly bimbo girly girl posts.


so let's starttttt.

but bout what.



omg lyke HAI dere. 2day was lyke SOoOOOOoOOoOoO totally radically awesomely FANTABULOUSLY FUN!

bcoz lyke we gt our new lyke tymetabel 4 the form 4s! lucky me, i dropped est and accounts so i don haf 2 stay bak!!!!!! I NOE RITE. it's so dizzying!

den rite, we started our lyke PREFECT DUTIES 2dai! omg! i noe!! lyke, omg! i'm in lyke, class supervision! it has lyke SoOoooOOOOoOooOo many other prefectssss! i bet all the other units must be lyke, jealous or something. L. O. L.

nah i'm just lyke, kidding! HEEHEE.

bt at d same tyme it wasn't all that fun cos we got lyke SooOOOoOOoOo much hw 2dey! i mean lyke, who gives us karangan, maths (MATHS OK MATHS! LYKE, WHATEVER!), sejarah (ewwwwww), and biology on the same dei!? ugh! was SO not fantabulous.

i want pink headphones. like xia xue's pink room. it's SO fantabulous, i can't even use fantabulous to describe it cos it's just WAY too fantabulous. i mean. lyke, fantabulous, much? she's so fantabulous it's not even fantabulously funny.

well dat's all 4rm me tooodaiii. BABAAI! XOXO BABY CHRISSY LOVES U! MUAKS! XOXO! HUGS AND KISSES! SMOOCH! TOODLES! lipglossing off,

~*~(fantabulously cute-sified version of christine)~*~

ok i give up it sucks writing that way SAVE ME. offense to anyone who DOES write that way. not trying to start anythin'. honestly thought it'd be fun to just try it :D HEHEH.

but srsly. i want pink headphones. aaaahahahahahhaa!

and i like maths. eheh.

i'm taking bible and literature, not est and accounts. oh yeahh. 12:45 everyday is a good thing.

i think one of my nails is chipped.

.........i shud have written something like, "OMG I LIKE BROKE A NAIL LIKE OMG I'M NEVER TYPING EVER AGAIN OMG!"

i wan more books. bring me to bookstore somebody.

and no amyvoon, i don't mean ur calculator when i say "somebody" :p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

just some memories

sometime last year, we decided to have a...whatdyucallit. an...undead family. oh yes.

ALICIA ENG: mutated (radioactive) gigantic worm

AMY VOON: troll! xD

AUDREY JONG: skeleton --> The Grim Reaper *scary music*



CLARISSA CHAI: The Mummy. The wrapped up in bandages one.

ELEENA BAKRIE: ...ghost. she so white. lol! xD


EVELYN EU: werewolf!

MICHELLE GOH: vampire --> CountESS Dracula

MICHELLE TING: Haunted Scarecrow

PAN EU FERN: the BLOB (......our vacuum ;D)


and we aren't ALL that scary...

SABRINA KU: leprechaun! xD lol!

VALERIE NG: .......our garden gnome :D

and last but not least, our madcrazyinsane cow bent on world domination.........


yeah we have a cow. got a problem with it?! she mows our lawn ok (eats it). HAHHAAHA xD

i know i know it's like we're this supercooldeadly family of the Undead and suddenly...

we have a cow. and a garden gnome. and a leprechaun.



US: What should mirah be hor..
MIRAH: busy doing something else [mumble] moomoonmmm [mumble]
MIRAH: ...........
MIRAH: Wait, what?
US: WAHAHAHAHAH she said okay she said okay!!
MIRAH: ....umm....moo?

'twas meant to be.

then she went into denial mode.

MIRAH: I am the magnificent! I am the all-powerful! I will rule the world!
NANA: I am SO scared!
NANA: And she produces dairy products.
NANA: I am EVEN MORE scared!!
MIRAH: Do not insult the magnificent!

not too long later,
MIRAH: walks past
NANA: omg, what is that THING!?
MIRAH: turns sharply MOO. stalks off

and just LOOK at vallyboo and sabku.


'nuff said.

so well anyway. We, the superlycoolundeadly Undead Family live in this huuuuuge mansion with 8 wings, 1 for each of us (the mummy the werewolf the banshee the vampire the grimreaper the zombie the ghost the hauntedscarecrow) as,

the troll guards the bridge over our moat leading to the castlemansion,

the leprechaun likes to dance over that (eerie) rainbow over our castlemansion (think waltz disney kids!),

the blob blobs around the whole mansion (including the walls),

the shadow stalks the whole house too,

the mutated worm hides in the earth in our massive gigantic garden,

the garden gnome DECORATES our otherwise dull massive gigantic garden,

and our cow mows our lawn.

...i know, it's perfect, isn't it? :'D

we even have this little kitty gnome door installed in our big gigantic door so that the gnome can come in (sometimes!) :DDD

we care, u see. oh yes.

oh, oh! and we have a deal about killin' humans u see!

First they are drawn by the eerie rainbow and gold from the leprechaun and will cross over the bridge, only to be confronted by our troll! she'll grab one for herself as the rest quickly run over to the safety of our massive gigantic garden cos they would feel reassured by the little garden gnome in our otherwise dull massive gigantic garden.

they would trust the gnome as they would ignore the cow with the mad evil glint in its eye, chewing on grass maniacally.

then our little garden gnome will crawl through her little door, making the humans follow her into our lair castlemansion.

the shadow locks the door.

the ghost starts haunting.

the haunted scarecrow starts moving.

the mummy stumbles and trips the humans.

the humans scream, attracting........the banshee.

the banshee then enters, smiles, and screams.

the humans die, obviously.

the zombie gets the brains.

the vampire gets the blood.

the werewolf gets the meat.

the grim reaper gets the soul.

the demoness gets another slave.

the mutated worm gets the cadaver.

& the blob gets the remains.

everyone plays a part of our deadly Haunted House.

...............ooh. (;

anyway, that was all last year.

this year, it's...............heheh.

so today marks the start of new titles to our names,

Cool Blue Sky! Mirah Amin

Fresh Green Tree! ChrisItalictine Ling

Hot Red Fire! Nana Bakrie

Dirty Black Hole! Mich Goh

Bright Yellow Sun! Al Eng

Silent Brown Wood! Chooey...Choo?

Pure White Snow! Fern Pan

Shiny Silver Spoon! Drey Jong

less scary!

i know, i know. u wish u were us ;) sue us. we were BORED OK x) heheeee

and SO FAR, the story goes SOMETHING LIKE THIS:

the pure white snow falls from the cool blue sky and onto the fresh green tree in the silent brown wood(s) but is soon melted by the bright yellow sun as it wishes it could be like the shiny silver spoon in the distance, not melting, but then it catches a spark and sets off the hot red fire and soon all that's left is the dirty black hole, an empty vacuum.

sounds depressing.